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FDLR Press Release: Addressing false statements made on AfroAmerica Network

fdlrBy: Jennifer Fierberg

The FDLR remain a group that seeks to make itself understood to the region and the world at large. Googling this group will bring up many images and stories about the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda where just under one million Rwandans were savagely murdered. One can not think about Rwanda without remember this horrific event and even the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Louise Mushikiwabo, brought up this tragic history at the United Nations Security Council earlier this month.

The FDLR remains a group shrouded in secrecy and hunted by the Rwandan Government. They remain deep in the jungles of Easter Congo in the heart of Africa. These refugees have lived in DRC for nearly 20 years and are often accused of the crimes currently being committed in and around the region. A Rwandan backed rebel group, the M23, is currently taking center stage by the international community because of the atrocities they continue to perpetuate on the region. The FDLR has continues to stand accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity; but they believe themselves to be freedom fighters.

Currently there is an puzzling war of words going on in the press among a group that defected from the FDLR and the current faction of them in Eastern DRC. In a recent article written by the defected group they claim there is infighting among the faction that remains and the split group is trying to recruit members from the bigger FDLR faction.

The FDLR has produced the following communique in order to address the rumors that are surfacing about them:

– FDLR –

Subject: Response of Mr La Forge Bazeye Fils to Mr Kanyamibwa Felicien and Afro America which serves as his mouthpiece:

1. Mr Felicien Kanyamibwa is obviously jealous of the success of the FDLR that he sought to destroy since 2005, when he suffered a crushing defeat in his attempt to rise to the head of this movement in dishonesty.

2. He persists in his diabolical plan of trying to divide the movement. That’s the reason why he keeps publishing false information to intoxicate public opinion. Luckily his destructive maneuvers are already disclosed.

3. The FOCA (Abacunguzi fighting forces) are not divided at all as they claim, but they obey their command, displeasing Kanyamibwa and Afro america. They contradict themselves: they argue that the command is isolated on one side and they say the same command is informed of the operations of the other. What a contradiction.!

4. The northern sector commander is under orders from the FOCA as all other major units.
The operations Kanyamibwa and Afro america talk about were decided by the Board Director of the FDLR, that met in the months of July-August 2012.
The northern sector commander has only executed the orders of the hierarchy.
It is clear that Kanyamibwa made attempts to bring northern sector commander against the high command, but he is wasting his time. The commander in question is well-disciplined and he is fully aware that the division only benefits the enemy.
Instead, one can wonder who Kanyamibwa and Afro america work for!

5. Everyone knows that there has never been a contradiction of FDLR spokesman in remarks to the media. Kanyamibwa and Afro america can consult the archives.

6. The article that Kanyamibwa and Afro america refer readers to, is their brilliant invention in deplorable project to divide FDLR. Since 2011 nothing happened as they predicted in launching this “kagaméenne” intoxication. Now they do it again by reissuing the same brainwashing in another form.

7. We remind Kanyamibwa and Afro america that FOCA divisions, each has a well-organized staff and all staffs are task organized under one overall command led by chief of staff, Brigadier General Musenyeri Achilles, himself, responds to the high command of FOCA. It is clear that FOCA are well structured and suffer no division as desired by Kanyamibwa and Afro america.

8. Kanyamibwa should be concerned of his organization, RUD URUNANA to which he promised wonders, instead of worrying about FDLR which refused to follow him in his deceptive ambitions.

Done in Masisi, July 27, 2013
La Forge Fils Bazeye ,
Information Commissioner and
Spokesman of FDLR.

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