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kagame third termRwanda Day in London 2013

By: Noble Marara with Jennifer Fierberg

Rwandans are preparing to attend Rwanda day in London, UK. People are coming from all corners of the earth, some of them having to dig deep from their pockets and others borrowing money or being transported by the Government of Rwanda. They are coming to pretend to provide an audience to President Paul Kagame who is hated by many but has a number of pretending supporters due to anxiety or greediness. The Rwandan high commissioner has been working around the clock in order to provide the conference hall for President Kagame to meet his vulnerable followers.

At the time of publication we have learned that they have applied for a dozen of halls and venue’s to hold this event but all have declined due to the controversy surrounding this president. A few hours ago they managed to locate a hall that is kept in secret due to being afraid of meeting with the protesters who are also flowing from the corners of Europe. There are Congolese and Rwandan opposition groups protesting in oxford and London.

Late this evening we have learned of the most likely venue for this event.  The Troxy, an art deco theatre and concert venue appears to be hosting this event. We will continue to confirm this information and update all registered protesters via email as to the final location.  The Troxy is located at 490 Commercial Road in Stepney, in the East End borough of Tower Hamlets, London, UK. This venue is no stranger to controversial protests and cancellations on the part of the venue. For example, The Troxy was criticised by some local residents after hosting a conference for Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir in 2009. In 2010 the management cancelled a similar meeting at the request of Tower Hamlets Council; the English Defence League had planned a demonstration outside, but this was also called off. So far this is the most likely venue. The information we have is as follows:

Dear all,

Please note that all participants to Rwanda Day will have to register at the following address for their badges (compulsory):

Registration Venue:

73 Kings Ave, London, UK SW4 8DX

Event Venue:

The Troxy

490 Commercial Road, London, UK E1 0HX

Please share these addresses with coach drivers and those who will use their own transport means.

Thank you.

Rwanda Embassy in London

When it comes to the name Paul Kagame many Rwandans become ignorant about this man. The reason behind using the word ignorant is the easy definition of believing in Paul Kagame (‘’Ignorant means lacking knowledge or awareness in general’’). The Rwandans in diaspora who are to attend Kagame’s Rwanda day will be picked by the buses hired by the Rwanda high commissioner and will not be allowed to take their mobile telephones in the hall. This is due to the anxiety surrounding Kagame’s presence and the protesters hunting for him in London. There is a history of the Congolese protesters threatening to hit Kagame’s team and that leaves this team anxious. After arrival, the Rwandans in diaspora will have to wait for Kagame inside the hall from 12:00 hours to 19:00 hours then till 00:00 hrs. Kagame is due to arrive from Oxford where he will be speaking to the students of Said College. The Rwandans are instructed to hold Rwanda flags and Rwandese Patriotic front flags while inside the hall also they have been instructed to wave them and sing shout loud when Kagame arrives in the hall.

Rwandans are instructed to sit in their communities considering how they will be picked up from the towns where they live. The plan is that they will sit as follows: Manchester sits together, Liverpool together and so on-this plan was implemented to avoid a mixture of the opposition with those of local communities. Many opposition groups reserved tickets to get in and ask some sensible questions, something that his excellence Paul Kagame hates; he does not want to be challenged. Many Rwandans we managed to speak to from the diaspora, agreed that Paul Kagame is evil and a killer however they have no choice because they are worried that if they do not attend their families may be threatened back home. Others who managed to get a visa from Rwanda to attend this occasion have made it clear that they will seek asylum on arrival, this resulted to visa decline to a large number of over 300 applicants.

Rwandans are very vulnerable in a country with a large number of political prisoners and the constant killings of friends and families of those who dare to question the system.  A president, who has created enmity between Rwandans and their neighbours, is enjoying the support from some ex-officials from the west who are still hungry of popularity. We spoke to one Rwandan who failed to obtain a visa who explained that a large number of people were planning to seek exile outside of Rwanda, explained that,  ”in Rwanda we have no freedom all telephones are monitored,  our telephone numbers are registered on our identity card numbers, it is to track us down because it is on the computer system.’’ Another Rwandan explained that in order to obtain a passport easily the opportunity is when Paul Kagame calls for a Rwanda day; otherwise getting a passport is not easy in Rwanda.

But why does this President travel around the world with his own audience?  Simply because he has failed to convince them or the world that he is the saviour of Rwanda. This man, who is seen as unpopular, has created every opportunity to convince everyone but he cannot win the battle. With blood in his hands every Rwandan is afraid to question him on the ground. This, though, does not apply to the opposition abroad.  As I write this the RNC/FDU members are waiting for him in Oxford, prepared for a peaceful demonstration to show the world that the opposition has a better vision and not the bloody Kagame who kills mothers, fathers and even children. With reference to what happened and still going on in DRC, Rwanda as well as following his victims wherever they are. Those attending Kagame’s  meeting due to lack of choice are advised by the opposition to listen to him but not to believe his lies, let him give you the money spend it but keep the truth in your heart because the reality tells and the truth will prevail.

The Rwandan ambassador today has been furious and frustrated due to the leakage of information of all their plans throughout the whole months which resulted in the decline of most of their hall bookings.  John Ngarambe who is responsible for security and was transferred to Uganda from United Kingdom, Rwanda embassies had to be called back until the end of this occasion due to his experience and streetwise knowledge to help organise this occasion. This a man who was at some point in the middle of an intimate scandal involving the wife of a Ugandan Official, is an expert in London streets.

The heads of RNC/FDU in the United Kingdom has called for a peaceful demonstration as the police requested, with a coalition Congolese brothers and sisters he said that we are many due to a large number of Congolese and Rwandans coming from afar which may be a challenge to maintain frustration due to the anger caused by Kagame in our Communities back home.  However, we have been working on explaining what the outcome of honesty and avoiding revenge can be.

Please be save and vigilant about your surroundings this weekend while participating in Rwanda Day London this weekend and most of all please remain peaceful in this protest.

Aluta Continua

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