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Declaration Of Causes: Why Yoruba Will Leave Nigeria By Bayo Oluwasanmi

This is Nigeria’s end time. The tyrannical regime of General Muhammadu Buhari will give way to secession. In the absence of a unifying national interest, Nigeria has become fragmented, lawless, disorderly, dangerous, and seemingly unliveable.

Predictions about the breakup of Nigeria have reached its crescendo. The Fulani controlled federal government headed by General Buhari continues to thumb its nose at Yorubas. With the formation of Amotekun, the Western Nigeria Security Network, Yorubas have obviously stated their declaration of causes why they will leave Nigeria.

In the declaration of causes, two major themes emerged: domination and internal colonisation. Other grievances include economic exploitation and blatant display of injustice. The Fulanis have never hidden their agenda to dominate the rest of the country. By October 1, it would be 60 years of independence from the Brits. Out of the 60 years, the Fulanis have been in charge of the central government for more than 40 years.

It means the control, misuse, and misappropriation of our collective God-given resources. It means the monopoly of federal government political appointments and federal agencies. Immigration, prison, customs, railways, EFCC, CCT, ICPC, FIRS, NTA, FRCN, federal civil service are headed by Fulanis. 99.99 per cent of federal judges are Fulanis. All the security agencies – military, navy, SSS or DSS, police, are controlled by Fulanis. Above all, the Fulani control of federal bureaucracy, agencies, and corporations mean utter waste of generations unborn and truncation of destinies.

Internally, the domination of Fulanis is on full speed.  With the moral, spiritual, financial support, power, and influence of the presidency, the Fulani herdsmen terrorists killed, maimed, and raped our people. Appeasing the terrorists, General Buhari urged victims of Fulani carnage to learn to live in peace with their neighbours. The Northerners acting like custodians and owners of the presidency, gleefully thundered that “with Amotekun, Yorubas should forget the presidency in 2023. They even went further to demand that General Buhari the Commander-in-Chief of Fulani terrorists, should arrest Yoruba leaders because of Amotekun.

Yoruba Declaration of Causes include but not limited to the following why Yoruba is ready to leave Nigeria:

1. Nigeria is convulsed by internal violence. Yorubas are no longer safe. Nigeria can no longer deliver positive political goods to our people.

2. General Buhari’s tyrannical regime has lost its legitimacy, and by extension, Nigeria has become illegitimate.

3. Nigeria enjoys no stability and predictability. No one is in charge. Our democracy has turned dictatorship. Nothing works in Nigeria. Everything is in disarray.

4. All the ethnic groups are tense, deeply conflicted, dangerous, and contested bitterly by warring factions. There’s unprecedented disharmonies between communities and among states.

5. Nigeria is no longer or willing to perform its fundamental jobs of a nation-state. Nigeria exhibits flawed and failed institutions. Only the institution of the executive functions. If legislatures exist at all, they are rubber stamp machines. The judiciary is an annex of Aso Rock. We can no longer rely on the court system for redress or remedy.

6. Corruption flourishes on an unusually destructive scale. There’s a vacuum of authority. Nigeria is a mere geographical expression.

7. Nigeria is cursed by the discovery of oil. Failure and collapse of Nigeria is man-made. Ethnicity, economics, and ideology all fuelled our decision to leave Nigeria.

There’s no shortage of groups that want Nigeria to split up. Far from the contrary opinion of the Fulanis, secession is a populist option, it’s not a collection of cranky lonesome idealists. Nigeria is a phony country built on borrowed convenience. The looming secession will tear Nigeria to pieces. The pandemic, or an economic collapse, is driving the country to sauve qui peut secession – “let him save himself who can.”

Yorubas have no trust in General Buhari’s Nigeria. We don’t feel represented or belong in the Nigeria experiment. The only way to regain our socioeconomic and political destiny is to leave Nigeria and chart a brand new country that will guarantee our pursuit of happiness, liberty, peace, progress, and prosperity.

Under international law, Yorubas are qualified as “people” who have the right to self-determination, the ability to freely determine our political fate and form a representative government. Yoruba en masse really and truly want to secede, so legal arguments would be irrelevant. The present arrangement, the present General Buhari’s regime are not conducive to our freedom and democracy. We must leave the jungle!

If other nations broke up successfully, why would the Fulanis think Nigeria’s case is etched in stone? Here are some successful secessions:

Algeria broke away from France. East Timor seceded from Indonesia. Eritrea left Ethiopia. Bangladesh broke away from Pakistan. Uruguay left Brazil. Greece and Serbia left Ottoman Empire. South Sudan left Sudan. And Panama left Colombia. Let’s go there!

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