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‘Dancehall and reggae music means the world to me’ – Nigerian artiste Raybekah has sights set on Jamaican market

Fast-rising Nigerian artiste, Raybekah, has been blazing up the airwaves in her home country. So much so that she recently caught the attention of her fellow countryman and internationally renowned artiste, WizKid. WizKid began following Raybekah on Instagram last year, putting many others on to a woman they have now dubbed a rising star. Now, having caught the eyes and ears of those in her region, Raybekah is looking to expand her horizons and has her sights set on Jamaica.

Listing reggae and dancehall as two of the genres that influenced her decision to enter the music space, Raybekah says she wants to make inroads on the local music market. “Dancehall and reggae music means the world to me. The vibe, the energy and just the feeling you get when you listen to the songs make the genres easy to fall in love with, and I am in love with the music that comes from Jamaica,” she told The Gleaner.

“Reggae and dancehall have influenced me in a lot of positive ways. The genres are a part of the reason people recognise the brand Raybekah, and so now it has become somewhat of a trademark for me and so, of course, I want to break into the Jamaican music market. On God, I believe, and I know that my music can and will make a mark in Jamaica.”

Her confidence has been further boosted with a recent inclusion on the highly anticipated Christmas album from Contractor Music Group dubbed Garrison Christmas. The album is slated for release in a few weeks and features artistes such as Jahvillani, Squash, Chronic Law and Shatta Wale. Raybekah said her inclusion on the album is just the catalyst she needs to break into the local music scene as she is listed on a project with some of dancehall’s most established acts. Speaking of established acts, Raybekah has her sights set on working with the likes of Kranium, Popcaan, Dexta Daps and incarcerated dancehall artiste, Vybz Kartel.

Raybekah told The Gleaner that she’s already begun planning her trip to Jamaica to see if she can somehow turn those dreams into reality. “Me and my team are already planning to be in Jamaica very soon. That trip is a sure one, and I can’t wait,” she said. “I know Jamaicans will love my songs because I already have some Jamaican fans, I just want to gain some more, including on the artiste side. I am going to work on that when I go.”

Speaking of making connections with local artistes, particularly dancehall acts, Raybekah acknowledged that there is currently some amount of competitiveness that exists between Afrobeats artistes and dancehall acts. But, Raybekah says with the two genres being among the most powerful in music, there is no need for artistes to be competing against each other. She believes that instead of seeing each other as competitors, dancehall and Afrobeats artistes should join forces and show the world they are powerhouses. “I feel like the Afrobeat and dancehall should unite to take over the international music scene. If we have our heads together, trust me when I say that the music industry in the whole world would be lit and transformed,” she said. “If we are this powerful individually, imagine the force we would be if we came together. We would be unstoppable.”

Raybekah is currently promoting the track, The D*** Anthem, a sultry love song with a dancehall vibe. She also has several other tracks out that have been gaining traction across the globe, including Finger Down and Barrister.

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