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Cuppy denies that she owes Zlatan money, threatens to sue Israel DMW

That came after Cuppy revealed that Zlatan had blocked her on all social media platforms following their collaboration on Italian Ice Cream-inspired single, ‘Gelato.

After a refusal to comment when Pulse Nigeria reached out to her, she has now broken her silence.

On February 1, 2021, Cuppy tweeted that, “For the record… There have been no breaches of my contractual agreement regarding the song #Gelato as confirmed by lawyers… However, as @IsrealDMW publicly inaccurately declared I owe an artist money, I am suing him for libel and defamation! See you in court Isreal.”

How did we get here?

On January 21, 2020, Isreal DMW, a self-acclaimed friend of Zlatan‘s took to his Twitter and wrote that, “Kudos to someone like Zlatan, who took a bold step, by flushing out a full fake friend like Cuppy, who was just using his head, all in his name of ‘my papa na Otedola.’

“Zlatan did a hit collabo with her, ordinary one kobo, e no see. She also took Zlatan to Abuja, for her fundraising, where she made billions of Naira, and didn’t even remember Z for one Kobo till tomorrow. No accommodation, no feeding. Zlatan had to even spend his own money at Transcorp Hilton, to [cater] for everyone including me. This na 2021 abeg.

As the conversation went on, Pulse Nigeria reached out to Cuppy’s team for comments and the response was: “We have nothing to comment on this situation unfortunately. Cuppy foundation does have an upcoming conference in February which will be announced shortly. We also released our annual report last week.”

You can find the annual report of The Cuppy Foundation HERE.

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