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Cameroon actor says Nigerian artistes should be banned from performing in the country (video)

Nigeria has come under verbal attack from yet another country and again, it is for our music. Upcoming Cameroonian actor, Pancho CY, made a video in which he put Nigerians on full blast.

CY whose major issue was the patronage of Nigerian music in Cameroon stated that his fellow citizens need to ban Nigerian artistes from performing in their country.

He Cameroonians need to promote their own culture and music rather than patronise Nigerian music.

CY in the now-trending video tagged Nigerians as greedy, stating that he has lived amongst them and has some as tenants and workers. The enraged actor commended his fellow citizens for reportedly not turning up for Joeboy on his visit to the country.

He also blasted the president of Cameroon, Paul Biya, after Wizkid was paid to perform at the family’s private party in the country.

Pancho CY stated that while Cameroonians play a lot of Nigerian music, the reverse is the case in Nigeria. He also warned Cameroonian DJs against playing Nigerian music in their cubs.

Read part of the things he said:

“No to Nigerian music in Cameroon. We are tired of your greed. Nigerian man is a born greedy man. I know their character very well. Nigerian artistes are not more talented than Cameroonian artistes. How many Nigerian artistes can sing in five different languages in one song?”

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