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Betting on Sports in Africa: Which Sport to Choose for Betting?

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Do you want to achieve consistent success in paris sportif senegal? Then you must become an expert in one particular sport. But how to choose a sport for betting and not miscalculate? In a few short moments, you will know the answer to this question.

Each sport has its advantages and disadvantages. To decide which sport to choose for betting, let’s get to know them better. Based on this information, putting the advantages and disadvantages on the scales, everyone will be able to choose the right sport for their betting.


Soccer is undoubtedly the most popular sport in general and among bettors. As an indicator of its popularity, let us cite the fact that the FIFA World Cup is of interest to people all over the world. In addition to this tournament, there are dozens of regular tournaments and leagues, on which you can stop a novice bettor.

Advantages of Betting on Soccer:

Disadvantages of Betting on Soccer:


Hockey is popular in Nordic countries and is characterized by the dynamism of the events taking place. Team players rotate on and off the field almost continuously throughout the game, which helps keep the heat of the game-high. A small number of popular leagues will save the bettor the agony of difficult tournament selection.

The Advantages of Betting on Hockey:

Disadvantages of Betting on Hockey:


Basketball is quite accessible for most bettors to study, they are attracted by the dynamics of the game, large coverage, and odds on totals.

The Advantages of Basketball Betting:

Disadvantages of Basketball Betting:


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Volleyball is also a very popular sport, in which there is no draw, which means the chances of guessing the outcome of the match is much higher.

Advantages of Betting on Volleyball:

Disadvantages of Volleyball Betting:


Tennis, excluding doubles matches, is an individual game. And thus, with proper awareness of the bettor and potentially more predictable.

The Advantages of Betting on Tennis:

Disadvantages of Betting:

American Soccer

American soccer is an exotic sport for most of the people in our area. However, it attracts the constant attention of domestic bettors first of all by its high odds.

Advantages of Betting on American Soccer:

Disadvantages of Betting on American Soccer:


This article considered the strengths and weaknesses of only the most popular sports.

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Of course, there are many other sports that bettors can also use in their work. These include golf, boxing, handball, swimming, rugby, etc. These sports are not very well covered in the media, but the problems with obtaining the necessary information are also experienced by bettors, so bettors and bookmakers are in roughly equal conditions.

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