Wild Race Africa Safaris

Kenya budget camping, luxury lodge safaris, Wildlife holiday and adventure,best of kenya and tanzania safaris,mountain climbing,beach safaris,masai mara. We were created with a vision to globally network people and places to raise the collective consciousness of our world,sharing the wonders of the African continent with those who are eager to explore some of the world’s most magnificent areas…areas that combine pristine, natural beauty, incredible wildlife, cultural diversity and remote, unspoiled and untamed wilderness,lowering the total cost of traveling without compromising quality! Whether you want to plan the perfect honeymoon, the daring African adventure holiday, the ultimate African safari,want an awesome group vacation/trip,students trips, business trips,photographing safaris,initiative,scuba diving,mountain trekking, car hire,want to hire a guide or a unique family vacation wildrace africa offers it all.
All our trips are tailor-made to suite our guests’ best specifications and interest, thus no two trips will ever be alike. Whatever your special interest, we have something that will meet your needs and demands. We do all the research, plan your itinerary, provide necessary information and cover all details,all you need to do is to let us be your personal assistant in Africa and in did the entire world..
c`on leave the rest for us… just pack your bag and prepare for the African vacation of a lifetime. we make your holiday real ideal holidays!

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