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Why music lovers are talking about Nigerian singer, Anyas

Talent sometimes, they say is not enough! This we can say is the case of this passionate and energetic Nigerian song writer/performer, Anyas. Since 2018, when he officially launched himself into the Nigerian music industry, he has never looked back as he continues to whet the appetite of music lovers across the country, Africa and the world at large.

Born and raised in Lagos Nigeria, Anyas, already has a few songs to his credit, some of which include: “Kpala”, “Bounce On”, and “Thousand Feelings” among others.

Described as an all-round entertainer, has shown he understands the business side of music, by starting up his record label, Hot Sounds Records, alongside his older brother.

Real names, Michael Nzubechukwu Anyaegbu was born into the family of Mr & Mrs Anyaegbu in 1996.

In 2018, after several years of helping with his family business, Anyas, who is the fourth child of seven, decided to take the bold step of investing in his music career.

In a recent interview, Anyas gave an insight into how music started for him, saying: “I started writing music when I was 12. I was composing songs to entertain myself not knowing I was gradually turning into a song writer, I created a music team in secondary called “Young Legend”. After secondary school my interest to further more got lost and the only thing on my mind was to write songs.

“My dad wasn’t taken it very serious at that time, so I decided to join my family business after I was done and ready to start my business, I decided to invest in my music career.”

The native of Anambra State also hinted on his plans to contribute his quota to the Nigerian music scene by introducing some new sounds, alongside positive vibes.

“I am happy I will be making my own contribution to into the industry, this has always been my thirst, I want to leave my imprint, so the next generation of music lovers and artistes can know there was a legend, who introduced this sound. My mission is not only to entertain, but to touch lives with my music. I want people to listen to my music and be inspired. I am not the type who is afraid of trying out new things, I love challenges; they are part of what makes us great in life. I didn’t just choose music because of the fame or money, although this will surely come, it is not my motivating factor.”

On the type of message, he preaches in his music and his genre of sound, he said: “As far as my music is concerned, I always want to inspire and motivate my generation, especially those who look up to me. Another thing I do with my music is that I preach love and peace. I call my type of music, the ‘new Afro beat sound’. The reason is because I feel my sound is different and unique. I just want to impress myself at all time in such a way that whenever my fans hear my sound, it will always appear new to them.”





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