Africa | WATCH: Ferrari crashes, Volvo hits barriers at Kyalami – 2 incidents at SA Festival of Motoring, no serious injuries

The 2019 SA Festival of Motoring is well underway at the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit and has, as was the case in previous editions, attracted a huge following.

Unfortunately, incidents such as crashes do occur as was the case on Friday (August 23). Two incidents occurred on track: One involving a Ferrari 488 and the other a Volvo.

A privately-owned Ferrari 488 was involved in a serious crash, reported track organisers, though no serious injuries were reported. The sports car suffered severe damage along the main straight.

The 488 skidded sideways off the track during a corner, hit the circuit’s tyre wall and ultimately flipped onto its roof. The track was closed for about two hours as marshals repaired barriers and cleared debris.

crash at kyalami

                                               Image: Adrian Burford, Roadworx Communications

Denis Klopper, show director of the Festival of Motoring, said: “Two incidents occurred at the track with no serious injuries. The Ferrari was a serious incident along main section though no injuries were reported.”

Both occupants received medical attention as a precaution. 

A visitor posted a clip of the aftermath:

The second crash was a minor incident involving a Volvo colliding with track barriers. 

Dennis said: “The Volvo bumped into barriers at the handling track. It was a low speed impact. No injuries were reported.”

“Incidents like these are unfortunate but they do occur. The circuit however is well equipped to deal with these types of incidents and responded quickly.”

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  1. paul

    there was also 17 cars seriously damaged due to the flying debris from the farrari crash .My car alone has over R100,000 damage, The kyalami management left us with papaers saying not to worry as they would deal with it on Monday after the festival . Now we receive snotty emails saying that they will not help with the damages and that it is our fault for parking there. Their own parking people placed us in those places .I would like to be able to contact the other owners of the damaged cars so that we can take this to court in a class action suit.

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