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Video: Why fans opened DJ Arafat’s coffin and undressed him

On Saturday some fans of late Ivorian musician DJ Arafat reportedly opened his coffin and undressed him.

It followed a chaotic incident at his funeral, after many had gathered to pay tribute.

A video of the incident on social media showed these fans carrying out the act during an unrest at the artist’s funeral in the Ivory Coast city of Abidjan.

The fans reportedly wanted to check for tattoos on Arafat and identify him.

But there were reports some of the fans also stole some items in the coffin.

33-year-old DJ Arafat DJ, whose real name was Ange Didier Huon, was a popular figure in Ivory Coast.

He died last month after a motorcycle accident. Arafat had referred to himself as the king of the dance music genre coupé-décalé.

DJ Arafat Ivory coast
DJ Arafat was named artist of the year at the Coupé-Decalé Awards in 2016 and 2017. Photo: Getty Images

His biggest hit song had over five million views on YouTube. Thousands including some of his Musician friends had earlier on Saturday gathered to pay tribute.

AFP reported that police used tear gas to try disperse those who had gathered at a private family ceremony being held locally.

“We wanted to see the body of our idol before the tomb was sealed,” one unnamed fan told AFP.

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