Togo’s historical Viale castle [Travel]

This week in Travel, we are head to Togo in West Africa. The country is located between Ghana and Benin.

When people talk about Togo, they often mention the Queens of African fabric known as the Nana Benz, they speak of the remains of the slave trade of Agbodrafo or they may speak of the German Cathedral of Lomé. In this heritage. But today we take you to a castle.

It’s not Versailles, but the Viale castle. We move through the town of Kpalimé, 120 km northwest of the capital Lomé and a few kilometres from the Togo-Ghana border. Above the town is Mount Kloto, where Château Viale stands, a presidential residence since 1975.

Over time, the castle has deteriorated and lost its brilliance. However, its beauty and historical significance keeps it a local tourist attraction.

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