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The fourth edition of the El Gouna Film Festival

The Fourth Edition Of The El Gouna Film Festival

The El Gouna Film Festival is in full swing in Egypt, making it possible, with the health regulations in force, to present numerous films from all over the world, and in particular from the Arab world.

Tunisian director Kaouther Ben Hania is presenting in El Gouna a film selected in competition at this year’s Venice Film Festival, a guarantee of quality.

Already noticed with her previous films, Kaouther Ben Hania managed to convince Monica Bellucci to play a poisonous and ambiguous role…

According to Kaouther Ben Hania, Film director;

“My favourite part of of making a movie is casting. Because I have my character in my head. And when I meet actor, I’m trying to find the best actor for for this part, you know. And when I met Yahiya. He’s not well-known, you know. But he was Samali. He was my character. Same same thing for Monica Belluci.”

The Man Who Sold His Skin is the story of a Syrian man who has gone to Lebanon and will do anything to join his fiancé in Europe… A situation that makes him a migrant like no other… and a money maker.

“In this movie, I think it achieves a very powerful message and in a subliminal manner, which is by putting forward Samali which becomes a refugee due to fortuitous reasons.” said Yahya Mahayni, who acted as Samali.

The film is sold in many territories and will soon be released on European screens.

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