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Tanzania’s presidency finally moves to new capital city

Tanzania’s President John Magufuli has announced that he has moved the government base to the country’s new capital city, Dodoma.

On Saturday the President said the eventual movement to Dodoma from the largest city of Dar es Salaam has taken place.

Tanzania’s founding president Julius Nyerere hatched the idea of the movement of the presidency to Dodoma in 1973.

It has taken decades for this dream of moving the capital from Dar es Salaam to a more central location to better serve the needs of the people to be fulfilled.

In April this year, Magufuli confirmed plans to move from Dar es Salaam to Dodoma.

On Saturday he visited the Chamwino District to register ahead of the forthcoming civic elections slated for November 14, this year.

He told journalists that “I was in Katavi Region, but I decided to come to my home city, Dodoma, to register my name because this is now my official address. I’ve come with my wife to get registered.”

“My wife and I have officially moved to Dodoma and we will be seeing each other every day,” he added.

Majority of Magufuli’s government officials have already moved to Dodoma with the presidency now completing the government movement.

Dodoma is officially known as the Dodoma City. It is the national capital of Tanzania and the capital of Dodoma Region, with a population of over 410,956.


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