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Nigeria: Suspected serial killer kills whenever he “had the urge”

A serial killer in Nigeria has given a chilling account of how he kills young women in hotel rooms. This month there have been series of protests over the wave of killings in hotel rooms in some states. Hundreds of women in Nigeria demanded action over the killing of many young women with victims often strangled to death. One of the suspects arrested is 38-year-old Gracious West. He claimed to have committed the crime whenever he had the urge to kill a young woman. West is the prime suspect of…

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Nigeria: Protest held over killing of young women

Hundreds of women in Nigeria on Wednesday marched to the Government House in Port Harcourt, protesting the killing of young women in hotels in Rivers State. The women clad in black attire held placards with messages that called for an end to the killings. At least, eight young women have been murdered in different hotels in the River state within the last two months. Some of those killed are believed to be prostitutes, whose acts are considered illegal and often get no protection from police. The protesters say everybody, including…

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WHO revises guidance for contraceptive use for women

The World Health Organization (WHO) has revised its guidance on contraceptive use to reflect new evidence that women at high risk of HIV can use any form of reversible contraception. That includes progestogen-only injectables, implants and intrauterine devices (IUDs), without an increased risk of HIV infection. However, as these contraceptive methods do not protect against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), the guideline emphasizes that correct and consistent use of condoms should be used where there is a risk of STIs, including HIV. WHO also recommends considering offering pre-exposure…

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Ghana: Women declare sex strike over lack of health facility

Women in a farming community in Ghana called Ntenanko in the country’s third largest region, Ashanti have declared a sex strike. They have vowed not to engage in sexual activity with their husbands in order to avoid getting pregnant. The women say there are no proper health facilities in the community for antenatal care. They are hoping that their action will compel their husbands to demand the opening of the Community-based Health Planning and Service (CHPS) compound facility built in 2015. According to them the facility which was built to…

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Women journalists harassed and abused, often by colleagues – survey

A member of the local media records a fire at the Comayaguela market in Tegucigalpa February 18, 2012. REUTERS/Jorge Dan Lopez   LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – It’s not news that women journalists are groped and threatened while covering protests and conflict, but often they face this abuse at work, and when they complain, they are told to “grow up”. So says an international survey on women in the news media, which found that nearly two-thirds of respondents said they had experienced intimidation, abuse and even death threats because of…

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