Fifth Biennial Meeting of States on Illicit Trade in Small Arms

By Jennifer Fierberg In a Press Release by the General Assembly of the UN dated 16 June 2014, they stated: “Since 2003, Member States have gathered to consider implementation of the Programme of Action to Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects, adopted in 2001.  The Programme of Action prescribes measures for controlling the proliferation of small arms and light weapons, including legislation, destruction of confiscated weapons and the strengthening of State capacity to identify and trace small arms.  The…

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No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile….except in Rwanda

Top Image: Kagame 6/2014 Bottom image: Hitler followers By: Michel MUSHIMIYIMANA with Jennifer Fierberg Terrorist, President Paul Kagame pledges Rwandans to publicly shoot his critics or renegades on site in a public statement today while addressing residents of Nyabihu district in the northwestern part of the country.  Remember that in Rwanda it is said that, “there is no death sentence,” so how can a sitting president say that he will be shooting his people publicly?   When will the international community understand how much we Rwandans are suffering under this…

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DRC: President of FDLR confirms that renounces armed struggle

President Victor Byiringiro have FDLR The acting president of the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR), General Victor Byiringiro confirms that his men have laid down their arms since December 30, 2013. This statement Rwandan Hutu rebels, some of whom are accused by Kigali of being former genocidal raises some suspicion both on the side of Rwanda and the international community. The head of MONUSCO, Martin Kobler, has decreed that the fight against the FDLR was his priority for 2014. Military operations against the armed group are in preparation. Victor…

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Further ratifications show wide global support for Arms Trade Treaty

Urgent call from campaigners for extra push from states – especially African countries – to ratify and help treaty enter into force and save lives New York, June 3 2014: Campaigners say the Arms Trade Treaty which will control the poorly-regulated trade in weapons and ammunition is more urgent now than ever before as the death toll in conflicts across the globe mounts inexorably. It is now exactly one year since the pioneering Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) opened for signature. Today, around 10 states including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Samoa and…

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Congo armed groups wielding machetes reportedly execute 70 – U.N

Congo SoldiersAccording to reports from the UN, armed groups wielding machetes have reportedly executed 70 people in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo “to spread terror”, the U.N. peacekeeping mission said on Thursday.

The mission, MONUSCO, said it had received reports of gross human rights abuses including the reported summary killings at Nyamaboko villages I and II in Masisi territory of North Kivu province.


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Rwandan Diplomat in Great Turmoil

By: Jennifer Fierberg Olivier Nduhungirehe’s true nature has been exposed. (Photo: L-The late Patrick Karegeya, R- Olivier Nduhungirehe) (WASHINGTON, DC) – Hostile exchanges erupted earlier this week between the Rwandan Permanent Representative to the United Nations and his former friends as compromising confidences appeared in the social media networks. A series of Olivier Nduhungirehe’s emails that were written between the 2003 and 2005 reveal how the newly hired Hutu official was in a very awkward positionamong Tutsi fellows of whom he said « They hate me ». Mr. Nduhungirehe indicated…

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Kagame has come to love United Nations Peacekeeping Operations. This is an irony since he hates the United Nations, and does not believe in peacekeeping. It is now an unwritten rule that the West ( mostly the US and UK) will ask Rwanda to participate in UN Peacekeeping Missions, and Kagame will kindly oblige. What is the deal? First, the West will not shed the blood of their sons and daughters for Africans. They need their favorites like Kagame to do the job for them. Hence, Rwanda’s troops can now…

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Rwandan diplomat slams UN report

M23 Congolese Rebels Recruiting in Rwanda?A senior Rwandan diplomat has hit back at a United Nations (UN) report that indicates the M23 rebel group continues to recruit in his country.

The official who serves as deputy to the country’s Ambassador to the UN has denied claims in a Group of Experts report, presented to the Security Council, that his country allows the Congolese rebel group to recruit from inside its borders, in violation of a peace deal signed with the DRC Government.

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