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Ghana’s urban dwellers offered a chance to own homes

Ghana’s quest to tackle it’s over 2 million housing deficit has been given a major boost by the decision of the United Nations Office for Project Services to spend $5 billion on the construction of 100,000 housing units across the country. The project will be completed within 10 years. 6,000 housing units will be constructed in a community called Amasaman, near Ghana’s capital, Accra. The ultramodern community is expected to be Eco-friendly, fitted with high-tech solar panels. According to Ghana’s deputy works and housing minister, Barbara Ayisi latest statistics showed…

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Ghanaian philanthropist appointed UN Goodwill Ambassador

Ghanaian serial entrepreneur and fashion investor, Roberta Annan has been appointed by the United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment), as Goodwill Ambassadorial. Her role will be for the Creative Economy in recognition of her fantastic leadership dedicated towards social and environmental causes. In an appointment letter, Dr Juliette Biao Koudenoukpo, Director and Regional Representative of UNEP in Africa, said she was hopeful, this role will compliment Annan’s excellent work that she is already involved in with regards to sustainable fashion. The recognition is given to prominent individuals who have expressed…

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Africa’s War Lord Queen; The Bloodstained Career of Liberia’s Eleanor Sirleaf Johnson

If all you know about Liberian President Eleanor Sirleaf Johnson is what you read in the U.S. corporate media, you probably think she is a Nobel Prize-winning reformer. In fact, Sirleaf is a U.S. imperial puppet whose hands are steeped in blood, the “right hand woman“ of deposed warlord Charles Taylor, and a servant of multinational banks. “The lords of war under Charles Taylor now rule much of the Liberian economy and critical government departments.” Eleanor Sirleaf Johnson is the Harvard educated, Nobel Prize winning President of Liberia with a…

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Nigerian Prophet TB Joshua Speaks Again On North Korea

Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua reminded his teeming followers on Facebook today about a prophetic message he released almost two weeks ago about the volatile nation of North Korea.  On Sunday April 16th 2017, Joshua thanked his congregants and viewers for their prayers, referring to a previous prophetic message he gave about mounting tensions between the super-power nations. During his message, the cleric then referred to the missile test conducted by North Korea, adding that their leader Kim Jong-Un would not relent in testing such weapons in order to show his…

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Eritrea; The African Cuba

by Thomas C. Mountain This article was originally published on “Both countries have been maliciously accused of supporting terrorism and seen their peoples life’s made hard due to the embargoes.” Eritrea is the African Cuba with the similarities between the two small, revolutionary, socialist countries almost too many to list. To start with, Cuba is the only country in Latin America to come to power by the armed struggle just as Eritrea is the only country in Africa to come to power at the barrel of a gun. Please…

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A dream in tatters: former Rwanda aide says he has faced threats

  ANDREW FRANCIS WALLACE / TORONTO STAR Order this photo Over the past four years, David Himbara says he has been the target of a failed assassination attempt and a failed kidnapping bid in Kenya. Today, David Himbara lives in partial fear — and with no hope of ever returning to Rwanda. At least, not so long as Paul Kagame remains president.   David Himbara is the kind of chief of staff any president would die to have. Loyal, dedicated, committed and extremely hard working. I know for I saw him…

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When the Victors Tell the Story: The UN’s Victims in Rwanda, By: Captain Amadou Deme

A book review By: Jennifer Fierberg “History isn’t all fact–it’s just the story the victors tell to keep themselves in power. And it’s been a slow revision. The more time passes, the easier it becomes to reinvent the past.” There is no lack of books written about Rwanda and specifically about the war that was started in 1990 by the Rwandan Patriotic Front led by now President Paul Kagame. Many books claim to hold the truth of this war, other seek to disprove truths that others find.  Unfortunately, none of…

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SA heads for new DRC war

South Africa has 1000 troops in the DRC as part of the UN’s Force Intervention Brigade, which is tasked with “neutralising” threats to the region. File photoImage by: SIPHIWE SIBEKO / REUTERS   The government yesterday announced that a confrontation with Forces for Democratic Liberation of Rwanda in the Democratic Republic of Congo was “inevitable”. Four thousand FDLR soldiers, many of whom were involved in the 1994 Rwandan genocide, terrorise the eastern DRC. The looming fight comes after the FDLR ignored the UN’s January 2 disarmament deadline. Department of International Relations…

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Today, 8 January 2015, is another landmark date in the continuing tragic story of Rwanda and the Great Lakes region. The President of the UN Security Council has just issued a statement declaring war against the FDRL. This comes after U.S Special Envoy to the Great Lakes, Russ Feingold, sounded the trumpet call on 30 December 2014. The coercive will of the United States Government was reflected immediately in the statement of all international special envoys to the Great Lakes ( UN, EU, AU, US, Belgium) on Jan 2, 2015.…

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U.N., Congo attack Burundi rebels ahead of drive against Rwandan FDLR

United Nations and Congolese troops launched strikes on Monday against remnants of a Burundian rebel group based in the rugged borderlands of eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, a U.N. military spokesman said. The strikes targeted the National Liberation Forces (FNL), but a U.N. diplomat said they were mainly aimed at clearing the way for an offensive against another group, Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR), which has been at the heart of years of conflict in Central Africa’s Great Lakes region. Attack helicopters from Congo’s U.N. mission, known as…

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