Stop ignoring massacres in Africa

By: Jennifer  Fierberg We live in a world filled with terrorist attacks. So much so that they become the noise of the nightly news that most Westerners ignore. Simply watching the nightly news or scanning social media for a few minutes will typically reveal the horrors of terrorism in all corners of the world. However, why do some attacks garner coverage, political marches and the response of world leaders yet others barely make the bottom corner of a news report?   Earlier this year in Paris, terrorists murdered 12 members…

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International Community on alert for Paul Kagame’s brutality

Press release Montréal, March 22, 2015 The Rwanda National Congress-RNC demands that the Canadian government expel members of the Rwandan Commondo or bring them before the Canadian justice system The Rwanda National Congress informed the minister of public security of Canada and the media of the presence of a Rwandan commando whose objective is to kill, injure, or intimidate several people who criticized the government of Rwanda. Some are travelling with diplomatic passports, others have Canadian documents and are led by a former advisor from the Rwandan Embassy in Ottawa…

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Patrick Karegeya.France24 South African police have arrested one of its members accused of in exchange for bribes, tampering or attempting to tamper with evidence in major criminal cases. Among these issues, there is the Karegeya case, the name of the former head of foreign intelligence in Rwanda murdered in a large Johannesburg hotel on December 31, 2013. For the family of the Rwandan opposition, which is still waiting for justice is made, the news of the arrest of the agent of forensics and its harmful role in the case is the…

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Rwanda on trial in South Africa

By: Jennifer Fierberg Once again, a court in South Africa has called foul on the Government of Rwanda and their involvement in the attempted assassination of Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa former Chief of staff of the Rwandan Army, now leader in one of Rwanda’s most vocal opposition groups, the Rwanda National Congress. The Consortium for Refugees and Migrants in South Africa (CoRMSA)  whose “main objective are the promotion and protection of the rights of asylum seekers, refugees and international migrants,” brought an application against the President of the Republic of South…

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Nyamwasa Verdict: “The attempted murder was politically motivated”

The Judge stated in court that the attempted murder of Nyamwasa was politically motivated and emanated from a group of people in Rwanda. By: Jennifer Fierberg In the case of the attempted assassination attempt on Kayumba Nyamwasa in 2010, the court has announced its decision today.  The six men plead not guilty to the charge of attempted murder for shooting of Rwandan Army General Nyamwasa.  The court reached the following verdicts:  The Tanzanian who shot ‪Nyamwasa  found guilty of attempted murder, along with three accomplices Alleged mastermind of Nyamwasa’s attempted…

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HRW confirms today Kagame’s ongoing and unscrupulous support to M23

 BY: Ambrose Nzeyimana Young people without official employment across Rwanda are being round up. On 23/08/12, this group was taken into police custody in Rusizi area. A similar exercise was performed this week in Kimicanga area of Kigali – the Rwandan capital. Sources in the country confirm that some of these young people end up forcibly given accelerated military training with the ultimate purpose of sending them in DRC to reinforce M23 contingent of fighters. And this appears unfortunate knowing that recent cuts or delays of aid from donor countries…

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