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It’s just fine to squirt as a woman, be excited about it

There are many who wonder what squirting is all about and whether it is cool to do it as a woman. Squirting is just the female version of ejaculation during sex or the stimulation of the female sex organ. Often during squirting, women who experience it discharge thickish or whitish fluid from around the vagina and it comes with orgasm or even before experiencing orgasm. For those who discharge thickish or milky fluid there is nothing really to worry about because often it is not usually noticed and can be…

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Prostitutes in Ghana “too broke”, pay taxi fares with sex

Some commercial sex workers in Ghana’s capital Accra are reportedly paying their taxi fares with sex since they are too broke. They are hardly making enough sales through their escapades and the only way to pay for their taxi fares is to offer sex in return. Local newspaper The Spectator reported that some drivers who often pick up these commercial sex workers are getting worried. Some of them are just getting agitated to be offered sex by these prostitutes as payments. One driver told The Spectator that he had picked…

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Changing gender in Tanzania costs ‘$100 a month’

There are many people making the move to change their gender but it comes with a cost. In Tanzania, it could cost as much as $100 a month to take the injections needed to alter your hormones to change the body. A trans person transitioning to become a man has told the BBC that it is costing her $100 a month to get the two shots of hormones needed to change the body. There are other extra costs though required in traveling to facilities were the shots are available. Not…

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