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Rwanda Government demands Malawi extradite Vincent Murekezi accused of Genocide

LILONGWE: Barely a day after Malawi government through the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security cleared a Malawian of Rwandan origin Vincent Murekezi of having a no hand in the 1994 Rwandan genocide, authorities in Rwanda have declared that the man is indeed a genocide suspect hunted by the government. The Rwandan National Prosecutor, Fautsin Nkusi, confirmed to Malawi’s local radio station, Zodiak, that fugitive Murekezi’s passport particulars also match the date of birth listed for the convict they have been hunting for. Follow and like us:

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Rwanda’s Peacekeeping Operations: A Poisoned Pill that Blackmails the West

Dr. Theogene RudasingwaUnder dictator Paul Kagame, Rwanda’s military is highly paid for peacekeeping duties in Darfur, South Sudan, the Central African Republic and Haiti – despite its role in the death of millions in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The West depends on Kagame as its man in Africa, and in return gives impunity to his criminal network.

President Paul Kagame has come to love United Nations peacekeeping operations. This is ironic since he hates the United Nations, and does not actually believe in peacekeeping. It is now an unwritten rule that the West (mostly the US and UK) will ask Rwanda to participate in UN peacekeeping missions, and Kagame will kindly oblige.


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20 years on, France confronts Rwandan genocide

 Captain Pascal SimbikangwaThe first French trial of a Rwandan accused of involvement in the genocide of 1994 opened in Paris on Tuesday. The Rwandan justice minister called it a “positive sign”, while the plaintiffs hailed it as a “historic” event.

He appeared in the court room in his wheelchair.

54-year-old Pascal Simbikangwa (pictured, above), a paraplegic since 1986, is charged with complicity in genocide and crimes against humanity in Rwanda. He stands accused of inciting and organising the massacres, which resulted in 800,000 deaths in just 100 days, from April to July 1994.


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