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Stolen 18th century Ethiopian crown to return home

An Ethiopian Sirak Asfaw left his home country in late 1970s for Netherlands fleeing political repression of the Communist government. The Communist government, or Derg had come to power in 1974 but the regime unleashed violence known as the Red Terror. Hundreds of thousands were killed and many forced to leave the country. Asfaw was one of them, becoming a refugee in Netherlands who then subsequently became a host to many Ethiopians who had left the country. His flat in Rotterdam between 1980s and 1990s was a safe haven for…

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A dream in tatters: former Rwanda aide says he has faced threats

  ANDREW FRANCIS WALLACE / TORONTO STAR Order this photo Over the past four years, David Himbara says he has been the target of a failed assassination attempt and a failed kidnapping bid in Kenya. Today, David Himbara lives in partial fear — and with no hope of ever returning to Rwanda. At least, not so long as Paul Kagame remains president.   David Himbara is the kind of chief of staff any president would die to have. Loyal, dedicated, committed and extremely hard working. I know for I saw him…

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From Rwanda to opportunity in land of the free

TurayishimyeLaw student Jean Paul Turayishimye laughs during an interview at his Leominster home.(T&G Staff / Rick Cinclair)» Enlarge photo       LEOMINSTER — His American friends tell him it seems more like a movie than real life, when he shares some of the horrific violence and corruption that exists back home in the jungles of Central Africa.  The exiled Rwandan’s tale of fighting against the mass genocide of his people, widespread corruption and discrimination, high-ranking officials fleeing in fear for their lives, and he himself fleeing after multiple interrogations in…

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Fahamu, “Opposing Cessation of Protection for Rwandan Refugees”

By Jennifer Fierberg, MSW In their most recent move to stop the Cessation of Protection of Rwandan Refugees, Fahamu stated the following in their petition to their supporter; “On December 31, 2011, the UN High Commissioner for the Refugees and several states hosting Rwandan refugees are considering invoking the ‘cessation clause’ of the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees. This is a very unusual and dangerous move that could cause revocation of the refugee status of tens of thousands of people who fled ethnic and political persecution in…

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