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Russia accuses West of exploiting Africa, offers unconditional help

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the West of exploiting Africa as he offers an alternative arm of help without political conditions. Putin will be hosting a two day summit with African leaders this week. The Kremlin said it expects 47 African leaders at Sochi for the Oct. 23-24 event. This will be first Russia-Africa summit as Russia joins other super powers to push their influence in Africa. “We see how an array of Western countries are resorting to pressure, intimidation and blackmail of sovereign African governments,” Putin said in…

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Trump Fighting Isis OP-ED Opinions 

Trump’s Daunting Foreign Challenges

If nothing else, the 2016 elections have once again reaffirmed America’s solid democratic system. Without any major incidents, tens of millions of Americans went to polling stations across the land, voted for the candidate of their choice, and readied themselves, as always, for the peaceful transfer of power. I believe that even those who were deeply disappointed with the results of the election will sooner than later rise above the fray, put the nation’s interests first, and work to build a more wholesome union. Follow and like us:

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The wary blur of President Kagame’s 2017 promise to relinquish power   By: Charles KM KAMBANDA, PhD A Rwandan newspaper, the Chronicles, reported that the former rebel leader and all-powerful iron-handed leader of Rwanda said, “I will not be around as president come 2017”. On the issue of whether or not President Kagame will amend the constitution allowing him to remain in power. The Chronicles quoted President Kagame  saying, “…on this issue, I am  almost taking it personal with people who keep asking […] you are going to change the constitution,…

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