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How female orgasms work and how to get them

In the wonderful world of sexuality, few concepts are as poorly understood by the public as the female orgasm. In fact, for hundreds of years, the female orgasm’s existence had been denied, or even decried as a mortal sin. It’s only in the past half-century or so that women’s orgasms have truly started getting the understanding and attention they deserve, thanks to the pioneering work of sex researchers and the efforts of the feminist movement. But exactly how do orgasms work? And how can you make a woman orgasm? In this article, we’re…

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Ghana launches survey on ‘schools, sex and safety’

A major and nationwide survey on sexual safety of teenagers in schools has been launched in Ghana. Dubbed the ‘SCHOOLS, SEX & SAFETY’ survey it is aimed at getting enough details about the sexual security of teenagers from harassment, abuse, proposals and rape. The survey which is the first of its kind in Ghana is being coordinated by private media production house, EAA-Media productions. The production company said in a statement that the aim of the survey is also “paint a nationwide picture of sexual safety in schools, and to…

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Africa is championing the flexible work space revolution

The African workforce is mushrooming, and by 2035, its numbers will have increased by more than the rest of the world’s regions combined. According to World Bank analysts, this expanded working-age population could lead to a growth in GDP of up to 15 per cent – equivalent to doubling the current rate of growth in the region. The World Economic Forum is bullish on the economic possibilities. “This could dramatically raise labour productivity and per capita incomes, diversify [the] economy, and become an engine for stable economic growth, high-skilled talent…

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What can Arsenal fans expect from Nicolas Pepe

Just when Arsenal fans looked set to have yet another disappointing transfer window, Unai Emery has managed to bring in Lille’s star player, Nicolas Pepe, for £72 million. The Ivorian is Arsenal’s record signing, who has been brought in with plenty of time to spare before the transfer window slams shut. Arsenal fans will be elated, having failed to land Pepe’s international teammate in Wilfried Zaha from Crystal Palace. [embedded content] Arsenal will pay the £72 million fee in installments over the course of his five-year-deal, which is why Pepe…

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Ilhan Omar was happy “to return to mother Africa”

Ilhan Omar has been in the news ever since she got elected to the US congress, representing a district in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Somali-born left her country  of birth at a tender age with her family to seek asylum in the US. She is not just an inspiration to many but a source of hope as well. Omar is one of the first two Muslim women elected to the US Congress. Recently US President Donald Trump asked Omar and three other Democratic Congresswomen of colour to leave the US and…

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Nigerians speak out on Twitter via #ThisIsNotMyNigeria

Nigerians have been speaking out about their country and what they consider inappropriate happenings as they demand reforms. On Twitter, many of them have been using the hashtag #ThisIsNotMyNigeria to express their views. Concerns have been raised on a wide range of issues including governance and national cohesion. Nigerians using the hashtag are demanding for a change to how issues in Nigeria are handled by the government as well. The hashtag has been trending at number one the whole of Friday. #ThisIsNotMyNigeria Please, if you’re among the 5 million people…

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Opinion: Ebola in Congo – incompetence, mistrust and greed

This Thursday marks a sad anniversary. One year ago, on August 1, 2018, the Ebola epidemic broke out in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). With a death toll today of almost 1,800, it has become one of the worst epidemics since Ebola was discovered in 1976. The worst occurred in 2014, when the virus caused the death of more than 11,000 people in several countries in West Africa. This is the tenth Ebola outbreak in DRC. This time the virus is proving more resistant to efforts to halt its progress.This…

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16-year-old Nigerian girl scores A in all WAEC subjects

A 16-year-old Nigerian girl, Ugboaja Chizobam Stephany has emerged as the best West African Examination Council (WAEC) candidate of 2019. She scored As in all subjects including data processing, Mathematics, further mathematics, physics, chemistry, English and biology. The girl from Imo state has already been offered 100% scholarship to study abroad by a Nigerian living in diaspora. Local media reports that Chizobam’s success was made public by Facebook user, Okafor Judith Chinwe who shared a photo of her results. Her story sparked reactions from many social media users, drawing attention…

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Meet the top Ghanaian Media Business owners

Known as the 4th estate of government, the Ghanaian media landscape has over the past two decades evolved not only as an avenue for engaging citizens but a lucrative business sector that has produced some successful entrepreneurs and business leaders in Ghana. Even though we cannot evaluate the financial value of the industry in Ghana, Price Water-Coopers in 2017 valued the global entertainment and media market at $2trillion which tells us the potential this industry described as one of the fastest growing industries has to make one a successful entrepreneur.…

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Xoom or WorldRemit: Finding the best money transfer service for Ghana

The Best Remittance Provider for Africa? Funding personal businesses from abroad and sending money to relatives and friends living in Africa has become a valuable endeavor to individuals living abroad. Fortunately, technological advancement across the globe has made international money remittance swift and efficient. Today, you can send money from USA or Canada in a matter of minutes, through online money transfer platforms or digital banking. You can also change multiple currencies without having to walk into a bank. However, you might end up paying more money for remittance than…

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