Rwanda Militia Commander ‘Tired Of War’

The commander of one of the Rwandan militia hiding out in the eastern Congolese mountains has told Sky News his men will not disarm without guarantees for their safety. Colonel Bonheur – as he called himself but which is almost certainly not his real name – said his band of soldiers would be forced to continue fighting unless a political solution can be found. Speaking from his mountain hideout, he said: “We are tired of war. We want peace. But we need the international community to step in and mediate.…

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The South African movement of yesterday is the Congo Movement of today

By Jennifer Fierberg with Kambale Musavuli The war in the D.R. Congo is not improving and is actually getting worse by the day. The M23 rebel group backed by the Rwandan Military has been terrorizing the Eastern Region of the Congo for many months. Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced, raped or killed. The International Community has begun to sanction the Government of Rwanda in the form of withdrawing or freezing foreign aid payments due to the UN Group of Experts Report which provides substantial and credible evidence…

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