President of the High Atlas Foundation, Dr. Yossef Ben-Meir (right), and President of Sidi Mohammed Ben Adbellah University, Dr. Omar Assobhei (left), discuss sustainable development programs. North Africa 

Supporting the Kingdom of Morocco

In recent decades the Kingdom of Morocco has embarked on a path that fully commits the nation to a development and civil course that is at once progressive and strongly connected to its national identity. The Moroccan model for success – with its core ideals of decentralization, human development, multiculturalism, south-south connectivity, and participatory methods – is essential not only for its own people but also for establishing a viable strategy for the people of Africa, the Middle East, and the world. Could it be that Morocco committed to democratic…

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Zero Dark Mali

Rebels in Maliby Pepe Escobar

The imperialial juggernaut is once again on a roll in North Africa, with France in the lead. Secular-run Algeria had “better get its US$50 billion in reserves out of Western banks as soon as possible.” But overwhelming arms do not guarantee victory. “The French are on their way to meet the American fate in both Iraq and Afghanistan.”

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