Police Raids Night Club, Lifestyle Nigeria 

Raiding Nightclubs: Next Level in Sharia Policing in Abuja?

By Leo Igwe As I have earlier noted, raiding Caramelo nightclub was not about law enforcement. It was not a move to rectify an illegal use of a property or to combat noise pollution or traffic challenge in the city. The Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) used these reasons to mask their more sinister motives, and to legitimize their illegal clamp down on the operation of nightclubs and women attendees in Abuja.Simply put, raiding Caramelo was a front to justify the execution of a religious and moral agenda that is stealthily…

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Kadaria Ahmed OP-ED Opinions 

Kadaria Ahmed: Killing Apostates and Islam in 21st Century Nigeria

By Leo Igwe A tweet describing the popular Nigerian journalist, Kadaria Ahmed, as “a walking corpse” who is supposed to be killed for converting to Christianity has generated widespread criticism and condemnation. Many people have asked the security agencies to arrest and prosecute the person who issued the tweet for inciting violence and for putting the life of this eminent journalist at risk. Others have responded by trying to correct the misinformation in the tweet. They stated that Ms Ahmed had always been a Muslim and never converted to Christianity…

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African Population Africa 

List of African countries by population

nigeria With 186 million inhabitants, Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and the seventh most populous country in the world. Nigeria has the third-largest youth population in the world, after India and China, with more than 90 million of its population under age 18. Country (or dependent territory) Official figure (where available) Date of last figure Source  Nigeria 173,000,000 2013 Official estimate  Ethiopia 99,391,000 2015 Official estimate  Egypt 94,408,000 February 12, 2019 Official population clock  Democratic Republic of the Congo 86,026,000 July 1, 2015 Official estimate  South Africa 54,956,900 July…

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Muhammadu Buhari Nigeria 

The next four years will be tough, Buhari warns

President Muhammadu Buhari says the new four-year mandate given to his administration by Nigerians will be tough as he pursues his campaign promises of securing the country, transforming the economy and the fight against corruption. The President stated this at a special meeting with his cabinet ministers, who were in the State House, Abuja, on Friday to congratulate him on his electoral victory. The Independent National Electoral Commission had, on Wednesday, declared President Buhari, candidate of the All Progressives Congress, winner of the 2019 presidential election held on February 23.…

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David Malpass for World Bank top job Africa OP-ED 

Mixed news for Africa in Trump’s pick at World Bank

from TRACEY IRVING in Washington, USA WASHINGTON – A KEY player from Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign is set to head the World Bank. Mr Trump has selected US treasury official David Malpass for the role after the surprise resignation last month of bank president Jim Jong Kim. As largest shareholder and the main funder, Washington’s choice for the job gets the nod, though in theory it’s up to the bank’s board. The Korean-born Dr Kim was appointed by Barack Obama in 2012 and quickly imposed a ban on lending for projects using coal.…

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Muhammadu Buhari Nigeria OP-ED West Africa 

Aisha Yesufu calls for President Buhari’s impeachment

– President Muhammadu Buhari’s health crisis is still generating reactions from Nigerians – Co-convener of the Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) group, Aisha Yesufu has joined the debate – She advised the president to resign, adding that the National Assembly should impeach him if he fails to do so Co-convener of the BBOG group, Aisha Yesufu has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to resign in the interest of Nigeria. Yesufu gave the advice in a two minutes, 20 seconds video she recorded and posted on Twitter page. She stated that the…

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Nigeria West Africa 

Patron of the Boys Brigade Humbled

At the very end of 2016 the Boy´s Brigade in Lagos, Nigeria endowed Herbert Onyewumbu Wigwe, founder of the HOW Foundation and Group Managing Director of Access Bank, as their State Patron and he in turn committed to assisting the Brigade by setting aside a house for them to train in and wowed to continue his work in educating youths, including the members of the Brigade to be the best they can be and prepare them for the Nigeria of tomorrow.   Herbert Wigwe is well known in Nigeria as an…

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the Sultan of Sokoto OP-ED West Africa 

Gender Equality and Misogynistic Islam in Nigeria

The Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar (lll) has made it clear that hatred, inequity, injustice and discrimination against women define the Islamic establishment, which he represents in Nigeria. This was evident in his reaction to the gender equality bill that is currently going through the legislative process at the Senate. For some time now, there has been a debate on the status of women in Islam or under sharia law in Nigeria. There have been conflicting views and opinions on the issue. This debate, often provoked by issues regarding family…

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Alhaji Muhammad Musa Nigeria West Africa 

Building Mosques and Economic Recession in Nigeria

The Jigawa state government has just announced a major state development project: the construction of ninety mosques; three in each of the constituencies. One assumes that this project is a way that the government wants to use to show the people of Nigeria and the world how it is developing the state and using its resources! Personally, I cannot imagine that this wasteful scheme is being executed under the watch of President Muhammadu Buhari who came to power promising to tackle corruption and curb the misuse of state funds. Actually,…

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30,000 homeless in Nigeria after slum fire Nigeria West Africa 

Nigeria: Fire and demolitions that left 30,000 homeless must be urgently investigated

The Lagos State authorities must take immediate steps to provide alternative accommodation for as many as 30,000 people who were made homeless, in direct contravention of a court order, when their homes were deliberately set alight in the Otodo Gbame community in Lekki, Lagos, Amnesty International said today. Although it is unclear who started the first fire on the morning of Wednesday 9 November, eyewitnesses have told the organization that police present did not attempt to stop the fire. Instead, they say they were chased away by police officers when…

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