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Religion And Contempt For Humanity By Leo Igwe

While there has been so much emphasis on how religion is a resource for human nourishment and enrichment, there has been limited conversation on the harmful and deleterious effect of religion on human beings. Religion has notedly inspired acts of love, kindness, compassion, and fellow feeling. Religion has motivated people to do so much good and render selfless services to other humans. At the same time, religion has been a force of unimaginable evil and harm. Faith in God(Allah) has compelled human beings to abuse, kill, kidnap, pillage, and destroy…

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AFAW Rescues Man Accused of ‘Stealing’ Destinies of People in Nigeria

On May 5, an associate of the Advocacy for Alleged Witches (AFAW) drew attention to the case of a man who was accused of ‘holding’ the destinies of people in the community, Ugbelle. Ugbelle is in Ideato South (not Ideato North as earlier reported) in Orlu, Imo state. The man was alleged to have engaged in some occult activities that had hampered the progress and development of people in the community. A photo that was circulating on social media showed an elderly man, probably in his seventies surrounded by a…

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Mubarak Bala: Facebook Posts and Freedom of Expression

Some Muslims have asked the police to prosecute Nigerian Humanist, Mubarak Bala for making some posts on Facebook. They claim that his posts insulted the prophet of Islam. And for that reason, they want Mr. Bala penalized. Others are threatening to execute him. The police have arrested Mr. Bala and may soon charge him. In this piece, I argue that the police should unconditionally release Mr. Bala because what they said he did was not an offense against the state. I am aware that some Muslims are unhappy with the…

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Mubarak Bala: Why They Hate Him

For allegedly making posts and comments on his Facebook page which some Muslims interpreted as insults on the prophet of Islam, police in Nigeria arrested Mubarak Bala. They have detained and held him incommunicado for almost three weeks. The Islamic establishment has refused to speak out against this illegality and infringement on his fundamental human rights. In fact, some Muslims have threatened to kill Mr. Bala if he was not adequately punished by the ‘state’. It is important to ask, why do they hate Mubarak Bala? Why is there so…

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Killing Those Who Insult Prophets And Religious Discontents In Nigeria By Leo Igwe

In the light of Mubarak Bala’s case, it has become pertinent to take a critical look at this idea of insulting prophets. This is because persons of a particular religion have always exercised the prerogative of making allegations of insulting their prophet and consequently threatening violence as if their prophet is the only prophet. As a standard for inter-religious interaction and communication, killing those who are adjudged to have insulted a prophet is unacceptable. It is not justifiable and does not reflect positively on any religion. This ritual of bloodletting…

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Dangote has world’s largest crude distillation equipment

Dangote has announced that it has taken delivery of the “world’s largest single train crude distillation column” at its Oil Refinery in Nigeria. The company said in a statement on Sunday that “this magnificent engineering masterpiece weighs 2250 MT (excluding internal trays); 112.5 m long; 14m wide and 13.75m tall and can fractionally distill 650,000 Barrels Per Stream Day.” In 2018 Aliko Dangote signed a $650 million loan facility with the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank). The loan facility was meant to fund Dangote’s oil refinery project in Nigeria. Dangote industries…

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Nigeria secures $210 mln loan from AfDB for power project

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has approved a $210 million loan to help Nigeria upgrade its dilapidated electricity transmission and distribution network. The loan to Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) will support construction of 330KV double circuit quad transmission lines and sub-stations across the country, the bank said in a statement late on Friday. The AfDB funded project will run across seven states and will improve the capacity of power grid where it is most constrained. Nigeria privatised most of its power sector in 2013 but retained control of its…

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Opinion: Is Africa ready for 5G?

The twittersphere was buzzing this week with the news that the telecommunications company MTN had started testing 5G superfast mobile internet in Nigeria, a first for West Africa. After live 5G demonstrations in Abuja and Calabar this week, MTN plans to showcase the technology in several other Nigerian cities during the three-month trial period. Nigeria hopes to start rolling out 5G in select cities in 2020 – one of the few African countries that have committed to the new mobile technology. Gabon is also holding trials, while Lesotho and South Africa…

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Nigerian ‘witchcraft conference’ sparks outrage

A conference meant to discuss issues related to witchcraft in a Nigerian University has sparked outrage. The two-day event being organised by the University of Nigeria in Nsukka in the eastern state of Enugu has angered community members largely dominated by Christians. Protests were staged by religious groups mainly Christians and Muslims. It forced the academic conference to change the topic to a more attractive topic of “dimensions of human behaviour”. Witchcraft or what many in Africa refer to as “Juju” is abhorred by Christians and Muslims who consider it…

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ECOWAS Parliament condemns Nigeria border closure

The ECOWAS Parliament has called for the reopening of Nigeria’s land border describing its closure as running contrary to ECOWAS Protocols. For over three months, the West African giant has closed its border with Benin, Niger and Cameroon arguing that the decision is in the country’s national interest; to increase local agricultural production, curb influx or substandard goods and prevent the smuggling of weapons and other vices into the country. But the decision has had devastating effects on neighbouring countries whose traders are counting loses as truckloads of produce remain…

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