North Kivu: Rwandan troops reported to Nyiragongo occupied by M23

 Soldiers of the Rwandan army (Rwanda Defense Force) entered the DRC Wednesday, December 12, through two border crossings and Kasizi Kanyanja, north of Goma, Nyiragongo territory (North Kivu). This territory is currently occupied by the M23 rebels. The inhabitants of this entity expressed concern over the presence of Rwandan army in their territory. According to local sources, the Rwandans were first noticed Tuesday, December 11th in the morning. They would come in a dozen trucks with ammunition and other effects of war from the border crossing Kasizi in Kibumba group,…

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Rwanda: Making money while breaking the backs of the deprived

By: Jennifer Fierberg, MSW On August 3, 2012 the US government sent a strongly worded message to the Government of Rwanda regarding their continued support of the M23 rebel group in the eastern part of the DR Congo. The letter specifically states in part that: “We are writing as a bipartisan group of legislators to express our deep concern about the recent and growing conflict in eastern Congo. The violence in eastern Congo has severe consequences on the local populations, puts the gains Rwanda has made in stability and living…

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Forcibly displaced in South Kivu face a struggle to survive

14 March 2012 Some of the people forced to flee Shabunda wait for assistance in a neighbouring territory in South Kivu province. Survival is a challenge. BUNYAKIRI, Democratic Republic of the Congo, March 14 (2012) – Claudine* and her husband Pierre* fled their village in eastern Congo in early January and found shelter with thousands of others in Bunyakiri commune. But now the couple, like other internally displaced people (IDP) in South Kivu province’s Kalehe territory, face a new challenge – the struggle to survive. Fighting in the past four…

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The recent presidential and legislative elections in DR Congo have been opportunities for internal and external enemies of our country, to mercilessly pursue the poor indigenous population in eastern Congo. In its determination to invade and annex the east of DR Congo, Rwanda has tried unsuccessfully to conquer by pitched battles, now opted for a more subtle and certainly more profitable for the systematic elimination and irreversible of Aboriginal by way of silent genocide. Mass killings of people, annihilation of entire villages, and other weapons of war that are the…

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