Vision GRAM-International : Impunity to Justice in DR Congo

Posted on May 12, 2014 by Vision GRAM International By: Victor Amisi, Executive Director Vision GRAM International  (Ottawa, May 10) -Since the wars in DR Congo, women and girls were victims of rape and sexual violence. Acts committed in violation of international human rights law and humanitarian law.  Efforts were made to put an end to barbaric acts committed by all armed groups. But rape cases are increasing and the authors still at large.  Vision GRAM-International is deeply concerned by the existence of impunity and lack of justice for victims. In recent years, there…

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In Rwanda, Finding Echoes of Germany

I MOVED to Nairobi last year for a challenge and to try something new. I thought that reporting from all over East Africa would be nothing like my previous assignment covering Central Europe from Berlin and I was excited to leave behind the stolid German Finance Ministry and embark on bumpy jeep rides through lush jungles and desert dunes. If I’m being honest, I also needed to get away from Germany for a while. More to the point, I needed a little distance from the Holocaust. For half a decade I had…

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Behind the Presidential Curtains: President Kagame told citizens of Rwanda to tolerate and remain silent

By: Noble Marara The Rwandan authoritarian regime run by President Kagame has forced the citizens of Rwanda into tolerating and remaining silent about any harassment instigated by either Kagame himself or his security operatives. The population has been reduced to strict “big-brother-like” security surveillance where it is reported that one out of six members of society is reporting on others. A few individuals, who dared to say anything contrary to the government has been either incarcerated, savagely murdered or fled the country in fear for their lives. The government has…

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Rwanda: A Nation Gripped by Fear Part 2

RWANDAN SOCIETY TODAY  In Rwanda today, no one can dare deny the heavy air of suspicion, fear and unease present in all spheres of life. Like any dictatorship, our society has been permeated by the regime’s spies. The infamous Brigadier General Jack Nziza and Colonel Dan Munyuza have an elaborate and extensive network of spies deployed to “find out what society is thinking or talking” so these spies have camouflaged their presence in bars, hotels, nightclubs, Government offices, airports, buses, cell phone companies and other locations. The very fabric of…

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