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DR Congo: Johnson & Johnson Ebola vaccine rolled out

The second model of an Ebola vaccine has now been introduced in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Johnson & Johnson manufactured vaccine has been introduced to compliment that of Merck. The Merck manufactured vaccine was introduced this year and administered to thousands of people. That vaccine has been administered to over 250,000 people since the start of the outbreak in August 2018. Health officials in the country say this latest move is to help combat the spread of the deadly virus in the country’s eastern provinces. Médecins Sans Frontières…

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Zimbabwe sacks hundreds of doctors over strike action

Zimbabwe has sacked over 200 out of the 1,601 of doctors who work in public health institutions. A third of its workforce of doctors who provide health care in public hospitals are currently facing the sack. The decision to sack these doctors is based on their refusal to call off their strike and return to work. Doctors have been on strike for months now demanding better working conditions. But the government continues to hold disciplinary hearings for the doctors who defied a Labour Court ruling to return to work. So…

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Nurses in Zimbabwe embark on strike

Nurses at all council clinics in Zimbabwe’s capital Harare have abandoned work compounding the health crisis in the country. The nurses declared strike on Monday citing incapacitation, according to local media reporting. Harare city Health director Dr Prosper Chonzi told Herald Newspaper that the latest development was a big blow to health sector. “As you know, most patients were now receiving treatment from clinics because of the current industrial action at central hospitals. This development will leave more patients stranded and with no alternatives to care,” said Dr Chonzi. Doctors…

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Ghana records outbreak of H3N2 flu in schools

Ghana’s Health Service has confirmed an outbreak of H3N2 flu in some schools in the Eastern part of the country. Over 400 students have been quarantined over the outbreak of Varian Virus disease in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality. The schools affected are Krobo Girls Senior High School, Akuse Methodist Senior High Technical School and Legacy College – a private school. Reports say school authorities begun treating the affected students for malaria until the situation worsened with more cases of the flu. The Ghana Health Service dispatched a medical team to…

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DR Congo: Journalist killed over Ebola reportage

The army in the Democratic Republic of Congo has said that a Congolese journalist has been killed at his home over his reportage on the deadly Ebola virus. The unidentified attackers, according to the army raided Papy Mumbere Mahamba’s home in Lwebma, in the north-eastern province of Ituri, killing him. His wife was also wounded in the attack with his house set ablaze. The journalist is well known for his reporting on and the creating of awareness about the Ebola virus in DR Congo. According to local reporting, Mr Mahamba…

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Uganda launches self-injectable birth control method

Uganda has launched a new birth control method which requires people to inject themselves with a device at any time of their convenience. Called Sayana Press the method requires patrons to inject with one dose of the widely used contraceptive depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA-SC). Before use, one has to shake the drug to ensure it is mixed properly and understands the instructions for use. Users have to press the upper part of the device hard for the needle to puncture the drug. The drug is then activated, ready to be delivered…

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Zambians angry as court okays mining in a prime national park

Zambian residents have been left fuming following the decision by the high court, to allow a mining company to carry out large scale mining activities in one of the country’s highly valued national parks, the Lower Zambezi. Most are determined to fight it, with activities to that effect already in motion. The National Park has been a subject of a long legal battle, which started over five years ago, after a decision by a former Minister of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, Harry Kalaba, to allow Mwembeshi Resources Limited,…

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Ghana’s campaign to get men to check for breast cancer

The month of October is widely referred to as the Pink month, dedicated to creating awareness about breast cancer. Across countries screening and treatment of the disease do take place but in Ghana this year, focus is being placed on men getting out and testing for the cancer of the breast. In the capital, Accra, dozens of women gather at a health screening outlet on the premises of Star Life, an insurance company to check for cancer of the breast. But they are not the only ones hoping to find…

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Diagnosed with cancer? Some tips for eating right

Cancer is one of the harsh realities of the world. Being diagnosed with a disease with so many possibilities can be a rollercoaster ride. The problem is that cancer usually affects the entire body in one way or the other. To fight it off you need strength, strength that you get by eating. However, one of the major problems with cancer is that it kills your desire to eat along with increasing your demand for nutrients. Ultimately, your body starts breaking down its important components to meet the energy needs…

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World’s first artificial womb for humans developed

Researchers at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands received a Future and Emerging Technologies grant of the European Programme Horizon 2020 of almost 3 million euros to develop an artificial womb within the next decade. The model, which is being developed, would provide babies with artificial respiration. Notably, in case of premature birth, the artificial womb will be an adequate substitute for the protective environment of the maternal womb. It will provide a natural environment for the baby completely to ease the transition to a new life. Unlike…

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