Exposed: Rwanda’s plan to falsely implicate Kayumba Nyamwasa in Grenade attacks

Information into our newsroom from Rwanda yesterday states that there was a meeting at the headquarters of Police between IGP Gasana and the Media.  Among the people invited were selected journalists such as Burasa of Rushyashya, Robert Mugabe of Great Lakes Voices, Muvunyi Fred who was standing in for the head of journalist known as RMC, Andrew Mwenda who is paid to publicize the Rwandan government and three other journalists who have not yet been identified. Reliable sources indicate that this meeting was a coordinating effort for all of these…

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Rwanda Peoples Party Calls for an end to the ongoing Grenade attacks in Rwanda

Gothenburg – Sweden, 31/03/12 Our Ref: RPP-KRN/30M/JK-1730/12/JVK/KRN-GA03 Ref:  KIGALI – GRENADES ATTACKS Today, another day another tragedy has blanketed our country as the people of Rwanda have continued to endure the most persistent brutality of killings and persecutions for over five decades. This has also been attributed to by the total incompetence and failures of all Rwanda governments that come and go including that of president Kagame and his RPF regime, to protect the lives and properties of Rwandan people. Just in a space of three months, there have been…

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