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Ghana: Pastor’s comment on honouring God sparks outrage

A popular Ghanaian preacher, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills has left many fuming after he claimed Christians in recent times are honouring their families than God. He wrote on Twitter on Friday that “Today, Christians are honouring family more than they honour God. They do things to please wives and children more than to please God. Because of this, the mission field and harvest fields lack certain quality labourers. Lord help us!” But not everyone is taking the comment by the preacher lightly and literally. Some social media users have been outraged…

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Gods original plan over our lives is to be the best version of ourselves

Written By Peter Chonga Many of our lives today are stuck and stagnant, even those of us that appear to have abundant material possessions, numerous academic accolades, and perhaps plenty of friends, subliminally aren’t fulfilled, we are hollow and empty. We stagger through days with life styles that exemplify defeat. Our life styles are punctuated by vain aspirations and ambitions. We want to dress, speak, look, smell, eat, and even walk like someone else. But is that what God desires for our lives? Gods purpose for our lives is to…

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