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Volkswagen to open plant in Ghana early 2020

German car-maker, Volkswagen is set to open an assembling plant in Ghana early 2020. In 2018 the company announced plans to set up a plant in Ghana as it continues to expand across Africa. Volkswagen already builds vehicles in Kenya and recently opened another car plant in Rwanda as part of its expansion project in East Africa. The Rwanda project was the first of such plants in the East African nation expected to led to the building of up to 5,000 cars per year. VW CEO for Africa, Thomas Schafer…

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Ghana: Young innovators push for reforms in visa processing

Young innovators in Ghana have called for reforms in visa processing at various foreign embassies in the country. Gathering under a program called “innovators and migration” the young people lamented the continuous struggle in securing visa for regular and legal travels to Europe. Many of these young people are students and some just starting their own businesses but often get opportunities to visit Europe to fulfill their aspirations. But many a time visa acquisition procedures mean that they are rejected visas to travel for fear of them not coming back…

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Germany hosts African leaders for business summit

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is meeting a dozen of African leaders in Berlin for a business summit. The meeting which is focusing on helping Africa boost business investment domestically is part of the Compact for Africa Conference. The G20 Compact with Africa (CwA) was initiated under the German G20 Presidency to promote private investment in Africa, including in the area of infrastructure. The CwA’s primary objective is to increase attractiveness of private investment through substantial improvements of the macro, business and financing frameworks. The initiative is demand-driven and open to all…

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Young Ghanaians create Wikipedia pages on migration

A group of organizations has launched a project targeted at making available adequate information on migration to help young Africans hoping to travel out of the continent. The initiative involves among others creating new Wikipedia pages with relevant information about traveling to European countries like Germany. This should help young people especially innovators equip themselves adequately with relevant information ahead of applying for visas for foreign events and business meetings. It should also be useful to them when deciding on whether to move out of their countries or otherwise. As…

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The task of changing the ‘Ghana Man Time’ mind-set

Ghana is seeking to instill discipline and timekeeping at all places in citizens with the launch of a Punctuality campaign. Spearheaded by the Punctuality Ghana Foundation the campaign is hoping to get citizens to respect time and be punctual at all times especially to work. There have been concerns across Ghana about the disrespect for time, with even government officials often arriving late at state functions. Workers and other groups of persons also turn up late for appointments with the Greenwich Meridian Time (GMT) mocked as ‘Ghana Man Time’ in…

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Rwanda abolishes over 1,000 colonial-era laws

Rwanda‘s parliament has passed a law scrapping over 1,000 laws considered colonial and outdated. For months the country debated and discussed plans to scrap all the country’s colonial-era laws. Local media New Times reported that some of these laws were put in place by colonial countries like German (1900-1916), and Belgium between 1916-1962. Some of the laws abolished include a decree of July 22, 1930, that prohibited transfer on credit or for free of all alcoholic beverages. One of the laws also made it possible for massive land grab by…

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Nigerian Senator escapes lynching by mob in Germany

A Nigerian Senator, Ike Ekweremadu on Saturday escaped being lynched in Germany by a group of Nigerians fighting for the independence of the Biafra region. Called the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, IPOB, the group of Nigerians physically assaulted the senator in Nuremberg. Ekweremadu who is the immediate past Deputy President of the Senate was seen in a 64-second video being attack. The video has gone viral on social media with the Senator’s camp confirming the incident. In the video, Ekweremadu was seen being violently questioned over his alleged conspiracy with the…

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Gambian football player with ‘double identity’ in Germany ?

The Gambian footballer Bakery Jatta is currently facing a probe from Germany’s football federation the DFB after reports of him having a double identity. Jatta plays for Hamburg and first arrived in Germany at the age of 16 in 2015. Now 21 there are doubts over his true identity. Germany daily Sport Bild reports that Jatta is rather older than his current age of 21. The news outlet reports that Jatta is in fact two and a half years older. Bild reports that Jatta played for Gambia’s U20 side under…

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Eritrean shot at because of skin colour in Germany

An Eritrean man was shot in the stomach by a gunman in Germany in a xenophobic attack, according to police. Frankfurt prosecutors say the African was left wounded in the attack after the gunman deliberately targeted him. Prosecutor Alexander Badle has said that the victim of the attack was targeted at “completely at random and purely because of the colour (of) skin.” “We have no evidence in our current investigation that there were contacts with the right-wing or far-right scene,” Badle added in trying to delink the attack from racist…

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From Democratic Republic of Germany to Republic of Germans: Anti-refugee Sentiment in East Germany

By Mark Thomas Patterson On August 26th, 2018, Chemnitz, a city in Saxony, Germany, was convulsed by large-scale xenophobic riots following the arrest of two foreigners who were suspected of murder. Chemnitz fulfilled the stereotype of a struggling, post-industrial city that acts as a breeding ground for anti-refugee sentiment. The unemployment rate is twice as high as the German average, and there has long been an outflow of young people from the Eastern city since reunification. History seems to reinforce this notion as well. In 1991, millions of former East…

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