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Nigeria: Tribunal affirms Buhari’s presidential poll victory

The presidential election victory of Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has been affirmed by the presidential election tribunal. The Tribunal sitting in Abuja affirmed President Buhari’s victory in the February 23 presidential election. The five-man tribunal headed by Justice Garba Mohammed delivered the judgement on Wednesday after months of hearings. Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party rejected the outcome of the presidential election in February and filed a challenge at the tribunal. Abubakar claimed in his challenge that the election was marred by irregularities. He mentioned among others over-voting in…

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Rwanda: The parody of democracy

By: Jennifer Fierberg President Paul Kagame of Rwanda has sidestepped the question of running for a third term as President for the last few years.  He has eluded journalists when they have asked him specifically about his future plans and has even gone as far as insulting some reporters telling them that it was none of their business what Rwanda does. However, over the last six months President Kagame has staged quite the brilliant reverse coup in order to remain in office. In a much publicized parade of support, many…

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Rwanda: A Pathway to Instability

AMAHORO – FDU Inkingi – RNC PLATEFORM CHANGING ARTICLE 101 OF THE CONSTITUTION IS A Rwandan RECIPE TO ONE PARTY RULE entrench AND A PATHWAY TO INSTABILITY The decision of RPF party to endorse the change of Article 101 in order to enable incumbent President Kagame to run for a third term is a betrayal of the true wish of the population and a dangerous move. While there is a general consensus in Africa and elsewhere que la future stability and sustainable economic development of the continent depends on building strong…

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Rwanda’s Supreme Court postpones Green Party case

Dr. Frank Habineza, the only opposition figure in Rwanda against the third term and possible constitutional change The Rwandan Supreme Court has agreed to postpone the Green Party v the government of Rwanda case to allow the plaintiff time to find a lawyer. The court was scheduled to hear the case Wednesday July 8 but Frank Habineza, President of the Democratic Green Party requested more time as he tries to get a lawyer in the high profile case where he is suing the government to block a possible alteration to the…

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How Has President Paul Kagame Performed Economically Since 2000?

By: Dr. David Himbara The one-sided debate inside Rwanda that calls for 3rd presidential term for Kagame pushes the line that he is a rare and economic miracle performer. But hold on. Take look at this data from the just published 2015 World Development Indicators by the World Bank. We can use the indicators to make evidence-based judgment on what Kagame presidency has actually meant for Rwandans. Structurally, Rwanda’s economy remains the same as it was in 2000.* Growth domestic product was $1.7bil in 2000 and grew to $7.5 billion…

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U.S. diplomat arrested with pro-democracy activists in Congo

Security forces in Democratic Republic of Congo arrested a U.S. diplomat along with pro-democracy activists, journalists and musicians on Sunday following a news conference in the capital Kinshasa, a government spokesman and witnesses said. The event was held by activists from Congo, Senegal and Burkina Faso at a cultural center and was attended by around 20 journalists and observers. Around a dozen soldiers, both in uniform and civilian clothes, entered the hall as the news conference finished and began making arrests, a Reuters witness said, adding that some attendees were assaulted during the…

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Congo delays vote on electoral law, West urges revisions

Democratic Republic of Congo’s Senate has delayed until Friday a vote on changes to the electoral law after calls from Western powers to withdraw or alter the proposed bill, which has sparked days of violent protests. The new legislation calls for a census before elections due next year. President Joseph Kabila’s allies say the move is necessary to update voter lists, but critics say it is a ploy to allow him to remain in office beyond the period of his final term. The capital was largely quiet on Thursday but…

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DR Congo unrest: Catholic church backs protests

The Catholic Church in the Democratic Republic of Congo has thrown its weight behind protests against President Joseph Kabila extending his rule. It called on people to peacefully oppose his move to delay presidential elections until a census is held. At least 11 people have so far been been killed in the protests. It is the worst unrest in the capital, Kinshasa, since the riots which broke out after Mr Kabila won a second term in disputed elections in 2011. Mr Kabila, who first took power in 2001 following the…

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South African opposition vow to impeach President Zuma

President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma

South Africa’s opposition have criticised President Zuma’s “good news” state of the nation address this week with some using the ongoing debate to call for his impeachment.


Zuma delivered the eagerly awaited address last week and opposition parties have been given the opportunity to raise issues that they feel were lacking from the speech.

with the election looming, some political leaders will blow plenty of hot air


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Please ignore Rwanda

  An Open Letter to the International Community:    Please ignore Rwanda.    Please ignore Rwanda. Parliamentary elections are coming up in Rwanda this September, and the world should ignore them. You read this correctly. I am not asking for election monitors, nor intervention, nor even international observers. We already know how these elections will turn out, so why bother? The Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) candidates will win an overwhelming majority, and the country will go on as it has since the genocide.   In 1994, I tried desperately to get…

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