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DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and ABUSE: Shouldn’t women share a mini-portion of the blame?

It’s both our prayers, that men who are domestic abusers, “burn in hell and rot away in agony!” Oh yeah, I totally do agree with the vengeful prayer request, but hit the brakes for a moment… I think there’s probably another way to look at it. With the flourishing rate of domestic violence in almost all metropolitan and rural societies, I got deeply and quite adventurously curious to look up its major causes. Well, as anticipated, I was certainly left puzzled! Among the numerous causes of domestic violence I was…

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Human Rights South Africa 


Results just released from a study conducted by the University of Witwatersrand and Sonke Gender Justice with 2600 men in Diepsloot, a peri-urban settlement north of Johannesburg,  reveal some of the highest levels of men’s violence against women ever recorded in South Africa[1]. These levels of violence represent a state of emergency for women in Diepsloot. Our study shows that this violence is caused by multiple factors. Most important amongst these are inequitable and harmful gender norms that grant men a sense of permission to use violence against women. This…

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Linah Keza: Man Charged With Model’s Murder

A 38-year-old man is charged with the murder of model Linah Keza, who was stabbed to death at her home in east London.   Linah Keza was a professional model (Pic: AMC Agency)   A 38-year-old man has been charged with murdering a model who died after being stabbed in the chest. David Gikawa is accused of killing mother-of-one Linah Keza on Wednesday and will appear at Thames Magistrates’ Court tomorrow. Ms Keza was found with stab wounds at her home in King Edward Road, Leyton, east London in the…

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