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Defiant Fayulu criticised as shaky DRC peace threatened

KINSHASA – THE Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Constitutional Court has proclaimed the final results of December 30 elections, despite claims the poll was rigged. The court declared Felix Tshisekedi as the new president and turned down a request by pre-election favourite, Martin Fayulu’s appeal for a recount. Fayulu and the influential Catholic Church rejected the announcement by electoral authorities that the president-elect received 38,6 percent of the vote to 34,8 percent secured by Fayulu. According to the court ruling, Fayulu failed to prove his assertions that he had won…

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joseph kabila Central Africa Democratic republic Of Congo 

DRC must rescind order to block social media sites

In response to reports that the authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo have ordered internet firms to block access to social media sites on 18 December, Sarah Jackson, Amnesty International’s Deputy Regional Director for East Africa, the Horn and the Great Lakes, said: Please follow and like us:

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U.S. diplomat arrested with pro-democracy activists in Congo

Security forces in Democratic Republic of Congo arrested a U.S. diplomat along with pro-democracy activists, journalists and musicians on Sunday following a news conference in the capital Kinshasa, a government spokesman and witnesses said. The event was held by activists from Congo, Senegal and Burkina Faso at a cultural center and was attended by around 20 journalists and observers. Around a dozen soldiers, both in uniform and civilian clothes, entered the hall as the news conference finished and began making arrests, a Reuters witness said, adding that some attendees were assaulted during the…

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Congo delays vote on electoral law, West urges revisions

Democratic Republic of Congo’s Senate has delayed until Friday a vote on changes to the electoral law after calls from Western powers to withdraw or alter the proposed bill, which has sparked days of violent protests. The new legislation calls for a census before elections due next year. President Joseph Kabila’s allies say the move is necessary to update voter lists, but critics say it is a ploy to allow him to remain in office beyond the period of his final term. The capital was largely quiet on Thursday but…

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DR Congo unrest: Catholic church backs protests

The Catholic Church in the Democratic Republic of Congo has thrown its weight behind protests against President Joseph Kabila extending his rule. It called on people to peacefully oppose his move to delay presidential elections until a census is held. At least 11 people have so far been been killed in the protests. It is the worst unrest in the capital, Kinshasa, since the riots which broke out after Mr Kabila won a second term in disputed elections in 2011. Mr Kabila, who first took power in 2001 following the…

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Ebola outbreak: DR Congo confirms first cases

Authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo say they have identified cases of Ebola in the country’s north-west. They are the first reported cases outside West Africa since the outbreak there began. So far 1,427 people have died from the virus – more than in any other Ebola outbreak. The number of cases now stands at 2,615. The speed and extent of the current outbreak has been “unprecedented”, according to the WHO. Source: bbc.com Please follow and like us:

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Comprehensive Gender Study in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) for Psychosocial Support to Stop the Violence

Map of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) 27 November 2013, Cape Town, South Africa. Activists across the world are calling for action during the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence that started on November 25th. This year’s theme is “From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World”. Globally, the levels of gender-based violence are alarming, and they are even higher in conflict and post-conflict settings. A recent study shows that conflict contributes to increased levels of violence within the family. The study calls for psychosocial services to the men, women and children affected by violence to stop cycles of violence at all levels of society. “Peace in the home starts with peace in the mind. We need to address the traumas of men and women in order to prevent further violence, at home and in the society” says Henny Slegh, lead researcher for the study Sonke Gender Justice and Promundo conducted on men and gender equality and gender-based violence in the Eastern DRC.

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Nightmare in the Congo

By: Jennifer Fierberg, MSW

Imagine the entire state population of Arizona murdered in an 11year period by neighboring rebel groups, all six million people. The women of Phoenix, Flagstaff, Camp Verde and other cities brutally raped while their children and husbands watched. After this horrific act of war, the husbands are shot, dismembered and the women left bleeding and ruined in their communities. For the men who do survive they are unable to look at their wives for the shame they suffered by not being able to protect them from the atrocities that occurred. Imagine the children who were forced to watch their mothers being violently raped and their fathers murdered only to meet the same fate at their tender ages. For those children who were not killed they would be taken as child soldiers and “bush wives” to the rebels. Women being abused in CongoThe entire state of Arizona left in ruins with only the stench of dead bodies littered everywhere. Now imagine that the mainstream media ignores the entire 11 year massacre. Fox news, CNN, MSNBC all report on elections, high-speed car chases and celebrity divorces and never once mention that the entire state of Arizona has been massacred. This should seem outlandish yet it is happening every day in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


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