COVID-19: Effective Government Messaging Can Save Lives

It goes without saying that during a crisis such as the pandemic the world is currently facing; clear, consistent and concise communications can be an effective tool in curbing the spread of diseases such as COVID-19. But innovative communication has always been an Achilles heel for leaders in a crisis, and Africa is no exception, says political campaigner, Madelain Roscher, CEO of Status (Pty) Ltd.  “Giving credit where credit is due, some African leaders have stepped up with regards to taking decisive action to stop the viral spread of the…

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Malawi MP Lipipa urges Malawians to prioritise life over elections -COVID-19

Member of Parliament for Blantyre City South Constituency Noel Lipipa has questioned the idea of prioritizing the fresh elections over the well-being of Malawians amid threated pandemic- COVID-19. Speaking in an interview Lipipa said that there is a need for Malawi to avoid being a nation that doesn’t put the well-being of its people first but democracy in this time of the Coronavirus pandemic.  “We have allocated a whopping MK29Billion for fresh elections and only MK15Billion for Coronavirus and we are saying let’s go and vote exposing the 17 Million…

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Bill Gates: How to respond to COVID-19

In any crisis, leaders have two equally important responsibilities: solve the immediate problem and keep it from happening again. The COVID-19 pandemic is an excellent case in point. The world needs to save lives now while also improving the way we respond to outbreaks in general. The first point is more pressing, but the second has crucial long-term consequences. The long-term challenge—improving our ability to respond to outbreaks—isn’t new. Global health experts have been saying for years that another pandemic rivalling the speed and severity of the 1918 influenza epidemic…

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Covid-19 and Witchcraft: Exploiting the climate of fear and uncertainty

A branch of the Foursquare Gospel Church has announced a four-day prophetic power crusade. The theme of the crusade is: Breaking the Yoke of Witchcraft. The prophetic service will take place in Nsukka in Southern Nigeria from April 23 to 26 2020. Authorities in Nigeria should be concerned about this religious service because it has the potential of spreading misinformation and panic in the community. This event is happening at a time of so much fear over the nature and spread of the coronavirus pandemic. The number of infections in…

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