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Tanzania’s President Magufuli backs caning of students

The President of Tanzania John Magufuli has lauded a senior government official for caning a group of high school students. The students who were caned while lying face down were accused of setting fire to their dormitories. A regional commissioner, Albert Chalamila was seen in a video caning the students. The commissioner’s action was condemned by a government minister but President Magufuli thinks otherwise. He disagreed with opinions that physically punishing students is an abuse of their human rights. ‘’I have spoken to Mbeya regional commissioner [Mr Chalamila], and I…

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South Africa: Top court rules against spanking children

South Africa’s Constitutional Court has ruled that smacking children amounts to abusing their rights. It said the use of corporal punishment at home violates children’s rights. The court has ruled that it is unconstitutional to resort to “reasonable and moderate chastisement” of children as a form of physical discipline. The ruling was arrived at after an earlier High Court ruled in a similar way. The high court gave its ruling during a trial that involved a father who was found guilty of assaulting his 13-year-old son. The father claimed he…

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How much longer should kids tolerate the whip as a corrective measure?

To be on the receiving end of a cane, is the common nightmare of nearly every kid who’s strongly extroverted, consistent with poor grades, reports late to school, fails to turn in assignments as and when due, and likewise, other varieties of offenses that could warrant being inflicted with a good measure of bodily pain.

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