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Chad: At least 30 killed in landslide at gold mine

Officials in Chad say a landslide at a gold mine in northwestern Chad has killed about 30 people. Defence Minister Mahamat Sala told Reuters that the mine, collapsed early on Tuesday. Sala said more victims might still be buried in the rubble which is located near the Libyan border. According to officials the accident has taken some time to emerge because of the remoteness of the area. There is a state of emergency in place in the area due to insecurity. It is also home many unlicensed gold mines. There…

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Deby: Veto Legislation against Homosexuality in Chad

Twisted thinking that seeks to use religion to legitimize hatred and discrimination against gays was recently displayed in Chad as the country’s politicians voted to criminalize homosexuality. It is not clear what the lawmakers in this central African nation wanted to achieve with this legislative move. At this stage, unless the country’s president intervenes, Chad is set to become the 73rd country to outlaw homosexuality. Follow and like us:

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Africa is saying NO to international criminal court (ICC)

African leaders have long voiced concerns about the fairness of the international criminal courtas to has always been seen to target Africans. This issue is now gaining significant traction after the Gambia became the third country on the continent to announce its withdrawal from the Hague-based tribunal. The move follows similar announcements from Burundi and South Africa, who informed the UN secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon, of their decision to quit the court last week, making them the first countries to begin the year-long exit process in the court’s 18-year history. Follow…

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Senegal Court case of Former Chad Leader Habre might spell an end to the need for ICC

President, Hissene HabréA special court in the Senegalese capital of Dakar began a long-awaited trial Monday against former Chadian ruler Hissene Habre on charges of torture, war crimes and crimes against humanity. 

The 72-year-old Habre and his lawyers have dismissed the court as lacking due process and said they would boycott the trial, but they were present Monday after authorities forced their client to appear.


“We consider that this procedure, this court as illegitimate,” Francois Serres, one of Habre’s lawyers, said. “We consider the principle that there is no due process when the investigation has not been conducted fairly.”


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CAR refugees in Chad: “What’s happening right now is unacceptable”

  “It is critical to recognise that the vast majority of these persons have fled violent situations in order to save their own lives” SARAH CHATEAUHEAD OF MISSION, CHAD 18.03.2014 Refugees fleeing the Central African Republic (CAR) have to endure a long and torturous journey to escape the violence in their home country. Unfortunately once they reach Chad, their struggles continue.  Bitoye Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has been in Bitoye for the past three weeks, setting up a primary health facility in the small town of 10,000 which has…

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