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PRESS RELEASE The political opposition, composed of the following political organisations, namely AMAHORO PC; FDU-Inkingi; PDP Imanzi; PS Imberakuri and RNC (Rwanda National Congress), calls on peace loving people, governments and organisations and particularly friends of Rwanda to impress upon the Rwandan government the need to enter dialogue with the opposition on the basis of the Arusha Peace Agreement which was derailed by the resumption of war in 1994 that gave total victory to one protagonist, the RPF/RPA. We feel very strongly that the conditions that led to war in…

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DGPR sets Conditions for Participating in 2017 Presidential Elections

DGPR Leaders The Political Bureau of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, during its meeting on 5th March 2016 in Kigali, decided that it will not participate in the upcoming Presidential elections, if the Government of Rwanda does not respond to its demands for political and electoral reforms.  DGPR submitted its petition to the Rwandan Parliament on 10th February 2016, but till now, it has received no response. The opposition Party also decided that it will make a people’s peaceful match and visit to the Rwandan Parliament soon in order…

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Burundi investigates ‘Rwandan bodies’ in Lake Rweru

  Burundi has set up an investigation after a number of dead bodies wrapped in plastic were found floating in a lake on its border with Rwanda. Fishermen say there are reports of dozens of unidentified bodies being spotted in recent weeks in Lake Rweru. It is not clear how they died. The regional authorities say their investigations indicate the victims were not from Burundi. But Rwanda police say no-one has been reported missing on the Rwandan side. ”The victims are not Burundian citizens because the bodies are coming from…

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Ebola outbreak: DR Congo confirms first cases

Authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo say they have identified cases of Ebola in the country’s north-west. They are the first reported cases outside West Africa since the outbreak there began. So far 1,427 people have died from the virus – more than in any other Ebola outbreak. The number of cases now stands at 2,615. The speed and extent of the current outbreak has been “unprecedented”, according to the WHO. Source:

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United Nations Rwanda 

There can be no impunity for those who violate human rights

By: Jennifer Fierberg, MSW Louise Mushikiwabo, Rwanda’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, told members of the press that Rwanda is expecting to be voted as the African representative at the 2012 United Nations Security Council election to be held on 18 October 2012 during the 67th session of the United Nations General Assembly, to be held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.   With the support of East African Community (EAC) and the African Union (AU), Rwanda has put its bid out for the 2013 -2014 rotating seat at…

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Just How Important is the Rule of Law in DRC Elections?

In Roughly 60 Days one of the most crucial elections in Africa will take place in Central Africa. These Elections in the Democratic Republic of the Congo can be seen as leading into a point of Transition that has implications both within the Country and the Region as well. The Main Implication within the large country is not only how the Rule of Law will be followed but also how will it be both protected and enforced. In layman’s terms Rule of Law means that the Government will be set up with…

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