Rwandan Youth and political commitment

 On the 10th of November Alice Muhirwa, a young Rwandan lady, was awarded the annual prize of Jeunesse engagée (Committed Youth). This prize was given by the Canadian section of the International Network of Women for Democracy and Peace (RifDP) and is distributed to young people who, through their actions and commitment, have contributed greatly to peace and democracy. This year the theme was ‘let us be masters of our own destiny’ and it’s within the annual activity around commitment that Alice Muhirwa was chosen for the prize. Alice Muhirwa…

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Make Every Woman Count: Rwanda

Our Interview of the Month with Alice Muhirwa Sunday, 01 April 2012 Alice Muhirwa is a 31 old-years and mother of 2. She holds a Bacc  degree in Economics  from the independent university of kigali. She also acquired a human rights certificate  in 2002 from the Christian Faith International (CFI)  and has over  5 years of experience working with local  organizations. She has been very active with  women’s student  association acting as Gender promoter , with a focus on promoting peace, gender equality and advocacy for women’s rights. Alice went…

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Twitter and Politics in Rwanda, for better or for worse

By: Jennifer Fierberg, MSW President Paul Kagame of Rwanda is no stranger to taking to Twitter to engage with both his supporters and his foes.  Some of his dialogues have been the topics of published articles, including the infamous heated debate with UK journalist Ian Birrell in which they passionately discussed a variety of topics. The full exchange can be found here: A recent report stated that Rwanda is among the top 10 African countries that use Twitter on a regular basis.  As an avid Twitter user myself, I…

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