Rwanda: A Pathway to Instability

AMAHORO – FDU Inkingi – RNC PLATEFORM CHANGING ARTICLE 101 OF THE CONSTITUTION IS A Rwandan RECIPE TO ONE PARTY RULE entrench AND A PATHWAY TO INSTABILITY The decision of RPF party to endorse the change of Article 101 in order to enable incumbent President Kagame to run for a third term is a betrayal of the true wish of the population and a dangerous move. While there is a general consensus in Africa and elsewhere que la future stability and sustainable economic development of the continent depends on building strong…

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Stop Kagame From Crowing Himself King Of Rwanda

By David Himbara President Paul Kagame’s grand scheme to crown himself king of Rwanda is based on three deceptions. 1) Making his power-grab appear to be the result of popular demand by the Rwandan people. 2) Branding himself an economic miracle-maker that transformed a subsistence peasant economy into “the Singapore of Africa” in just 21 years. 3) Showcasing himself head of corruption-free government. Each of these notions is, of course, utterly false. To succeed in his scheme, Kagame desperately needs legitimacy from the outside world. Despite his aggressive rhetoric about…

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US will not support third term for Rwanda’s Kagame

Rwandan President Paul Kagame with the Rwandan Defense Force by Ann Garrison Rodney D. Ford, spokesman for the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of African Affairs, has said, in no uncertain terms, that the U.S. will not be supporting a third term by sitting Rwandan President Paul Kagame: “President Kagame is currently serving his second seven-year term in office, having run previously in 2003 and 2010, after winning his first election for president in 2000. The next presidential election is scheduled for 2017. The current Rwandan constitution provides a two-term limit.…

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How Has President Paul Kagame Performed Economically Since 2000?

By: Dr. David Himbara The one-sided debate inside Rwanda that calls for 3rd presidential term for Kagame pushes the line that he is a rare and economic miracle performer. But hold on. Take look at this data from the just published 2015 World Development Indicators by the World Bank. We can use the indicators to make evidence-based judgment on what Kagame presidency has actually meant for Rwandans. Structurally, Rwanda’s economy remains the same as it was in 2000.* Growth domestic product was $1.7bil in 2000 and grew to $7.5 billion…

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Will Rwandans allow Kagame to Circumvent Democracy….again

ON RWANDA’S PRESIDENTIAL TERMS LIMIT IN THE 2003 RWANDAN CONSTITUTION AS AMENDED: There is no legal instrument or methods to circumvent the terms limit save for a coup which would suspend or abrogate the Rwandan Constitution in its entirety. A systematic move to drop presidential terms limit, to allow the incumbent to run for the same office after his two constitutional terms expires in 2017, is gaining momentum in Rwanda. Top Kagame regime officials are on a crusade to popularize their plan to drop term limit from the constitution. No…

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