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Soleil Business: promoting Congolese tourism[Travel]

Soleil Business Promoting Congolese Tourismtravel

When we talk about Congo, many will know the country for its oil wealth, but how many will know the country for its oil resources, but how many will be able to name even a few tourist attractions?

Actually there are so many and outdoor activity enthusiasts will have their bucket full.

This is what led to the creation of Soleil Business, a travel agency founded in 2016 by a group of friends, three young Congolese who wanted to experience something other than nightclubs and bars on weekends.
The first reflex when talking about tourism is to turn to the outside, however, the goal here is indeed to promote local tourism.

Boat trips on the lake, canoeing, fishing and hiking, the list of activities offered by Soleil Business is long. And all this in the heart of Pointe Noire, just a few hours from the city centre.

After having lived for a long time from the black gold economy, Congo is now seeking to diversify its economy and the development of the tourism industry is a real opportunity for the country. According to the Minister of Tourism, Pointe-Noire has all the assets to become the tourist capital of Congo.

In any case, the figures are promising: in 2019, the volume of business in this sector could equal or even exceed that of the oil, agri-food or automotive industries. So, Tourism, an oil that does not dry up. Something to keep an eye on.

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