Rwandwa Tourism:HOT DESTINATION FOR 2015!


• Game Viewing – Akagera National Park, just two hours from Kigali is home to big game such as elephant, buffalo, leopard, hippo, zebra and giraffe. Lions are being reintroduced later this year and Black Rhino early next year, making this stunning park the only big five plus shoebill stork destination.

• Lush Forests – Nyungwe is one of Africa’s oldest mountain rainforests staying green even through the ice age which explains its biodiversity. Home to over 400 chimpanzees and east Africa’s only canopy walkway (70m high and 200m long) it provides an exhilarating chimp’s eye view of the forest.

• Birding Heaven – Rwanda boasts one of the highest concentrations of birds in Africa, with over 700 species of bird, 27 of which are endemic to the Albertine rift.

• Kigali – The capital city of Rwanda is one of the cleanest most modern cities in Africa with lots of new developments and smart buildings (Radisson Blu and Marriot Hotel due to open 2015). Roads and pavements are spotless and plastic bags are banned. It is mandatory that everyone participates in a community clean up day (Umuganda) on the last Saturday of every month.

• Volcanoes – Hiking to the craters atop the countries stunning mountain volcanoes is exhilarating; the highest point is 4,507m on Karisimbi. The views are just as stunning from the base of these majestic volcanoes at the park office of Kinigi.

• Agritourism – Tea is Rwanda’s largest export product and these stunning rich green plantations can be seen through the whole country. These ‘tours for the senses’ take you to tea and coffee plantations and factories where you can sleep, pick, process and taste you morning cuppa.

• Enduring Spirit – The genocide museum in Kigali gives a look into Rwanda’s painful past which has labelled the country for years. The incredibly positive outlook and warm hospitality of this young nation is an impressive turnaround one which has turned them into an inspiration among other African nations.

• Investment – New luxury lodges have been introduced including Condenast Travellers number 19 best hotels in the world and Africa’s 4th best safari lodge. 2015 sees another lodge being built in the North of Akagera National Park.

• Beach – Just one hour drive from the Gorillas are tropical beaches on the shores of lake Kivu where you can relax and unwind or enjoy water sports or boat rides on the lake.

• Culture -Traditional Intore dancers are a true spectacle to see as they perform their warlike dances with spears and shield. Once only performed for the royal court, this energetic dance can be seen at museums and events throughout the country.

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