Rwandan diplomat slams UN report

The Rwandan response comes days after the UN’s top official in the Democratic Republic Congo told the Security Council they had credible reports M23 was recruiting again, despite their defeat at the hands of the DRC government, backed by UN troops.

Rwandan Mission to the UN spokesperson, Oliver Nduhungirehe says: “The M23 were militarily defeated, now the group of experts have thrown new accusations against Rwanda saying that the M23 is recruiting in Rwanda but they didn’t provide any basic evidence, they didn’t see who was recruiting, where they were recruiting, they didn’t even consult as Rwanda. How can you have serious accusations against Rwanda and do not consult Rwanda ?”

We are committed to collaborate by the group of experts provided that they act in a professional way

The group of experts reports to the Security Council on the violations of sanctions pertaining to the conflict in the DRC, with earlier claims Rwanda and Uganda lent support to the M23 uprising.

Nduhungirehe says:  “The Group of experts needs to maintain the pressure on Rwanda, to accuse Rwanda in order to stay relevant. We find it very unfortunate and as I said in the consultations, Rwanda now commemorating the 20th anniversary of the genocide against the Tutsi and we clearly stated that we are not in the mood to continue this punching exercise by the group of experts.”

M23 signed a peace deal with the DRC government in December. Rwanda has called for the Security Council sanctions committee to dismiss the report.

Nduhungirehe says: “We are committed to collaborate with the group of experts provided that they act in a professional way, in an impartial way, based on facts, on evidence.”

Rwanda has long crossed into the DRC to hunt Hutu-linked militias, particularly the FDLR, who operated across its border in east Congo.

Last week, the UN military commander on the ground before and during the Rwandan Genocide 20 years ago has blasted UN member states for lacking political will when it comes to the prevention of mass atrocities around the world.

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