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Rival Jammeh allies reconcile at truth commission hearing

Two ex-allies of former Gambian president Yahya Jammeh have now reconciled after appearing before the truth and reconciliation commission in Banjul.

Former Junta members Sanna Sabbaly and Edward Singhateh who helped Jammeh topple a democratically elected government of Sir Dawda Jawara in 1994 had been bitter rivals for years.

Sanna Sabally and Edward Singhateh were both alleged of many atrocities in Gambia after the 1994 coup.

Both leaders supervised the killing of eleven (11) soldiers under the commands of former president Yaya Jammeh.

Those soldiers were alleged to have attempted a coup to overthrow Jammeh.

But sooner the former Vice Chairman of the Junta government of Jammeh, Sanna Sabally was alleged to have also attempted to topple Yaya Jammeh’s regime.

He was arrested together with another soldiers Sadibou Hydara and sent to jail.

Edward was promoted to the role of vice chairman of the Junta after the arrest of Sanna Sabally.

Sadibou later died in prison and Sanna Sabally served 9 years behind bars under solitary confinement.

Both Sanna and Edward reportedly decided to let go the past and reconcile when they appeared before the commission investigating the many atrocities that took place under Jammeh.

That process was facilitated by the commission officials, something that has divided Gambians.

Sanna Sabbaly and Edward Singhateh
Edward Singhateh (L) and Sanna Sabbaly (M) talking while an official of the commission looks on.

Gambians divided

A Gambian, Pata PJ Saidykhan told Africa Feeds that ‘’It is very sad and disappointing that the TRRC chair, a reputable UN worker who was seen in near tears at the inexplicable horrors and violations committed against innocent citizens would now officiate this ridiculousness of a reconciliation between Mass killers.”

Fredic Tendeng, a journalist was also not happy with the said reconciliation process.

He said “Who cares when two certified criminal barons reconcile as their victims lose hope in JUSTICE?

Will “Junglers” also reunite and reconcile?

These two thugs killed, tortured, pronounced fake confessions and continue to get away scot-free.

But another Gambian, Ebrima Dumbuya told Africa Feeds this was a great sign toward reconciliation and it will help in the healing process.

“My wish is now to see former president Jammeh to also come and testify at the commission and accept to take responsibility because it is the only way out for a better Gambia”.

Baba Jallow executive secretary of the Truth and reconciliation Commission said he was very disappointed in the manner in which some Gambians reacted to the reconciliation process.

He said no matter “whatever crimes” the two “may have committed” they deceive to reconcile”.

“So yes, I admit I am deeply hurt by the insults. But no, I do not take offense at all and I forgive everyone who is insulting me” for helping to reconcile the two.



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