Retraction of information published on 1-7-2013 concerning military arrest in Rwanda

karenziBy Jennifer Fierberg

Yesterday I reported that Director General of the National Security Service in Rwanda, Emmanuel Karenzi Karake had been detained in conjunction with the death of Col. Patrick Karegeya. I have since learned that my source was misinformed and I am retracting that statement at this time from that article.

I formally apologize to Mr. Karenzi Karake for falsely reporting his arrest.

In 2010, this same person was arrested for immoral conduct and there were many who denied his arrest at that time as well. President Kagame himself confirmed Karenzi Karake had indeed been arrested. Things change quickly in Rwanda.

Many reports and speculation have been written about arrests in this case and as many reports are being refuted. I apologize to my readers who rely on me for accurate reporting. I will be sure to make a stronger effort to confirm information coming to me from Rwanda in order to bring out accurate information.

My apologies for the error in my reporting and to Mr. Karenzi Karake.

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