One year after the ouster of Sudan’s Omar Al-Bashir [Morning Call]

It is now one year after the ouster of Sudan’s long time leader Omar Al Bashir. It was on April 11, 2019, four months after bloody mass protests sparked by a hike in bread prices – morphed into wider demands for freedom- that Sudan’s military authorities announced they had finally removed Bashir from power.

He was then replaced by a transitional military government that itself faced mass opposition until its departure gave way to a transition to civilian rule headed by economist Abdullah Hamdok.
So, how is the country marking the one year anniversary?

The Sudanese army on Monday deployed its men on the streets leading to its headquarters in Khartoum. Also, the military says the remains of 28 officers who were executed three decades ago will be returned to their families. The men were arrested in April 1990 and accused of taking part in a coup plot against Al-Bashir. And, for Bashir?

The 76-year-old is still held in Khartoum’s Kober prison where many of his opponents were detained during his rule.
For more on the present situation in the horn of Africa nation, we have with us Hafiz Mohammed from Justice Africa. Hafiz is with us this morning from Khartoum.

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