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Nigerians are the smartest Africans – Huddah Monroe

Nigerians Are The Smartest Africans Huddah Monroe
Huddah [@huddahthebosschick]

Flamboyant socialite cum entrepreneur Huddah Monroe has revealed the reason why she has a high affinity for people from West Africa, especially Nigerians.

In a no holds barred reveal on Instagram, Huddah stated that she owes a lot to Nigerians who offered her life nuggets and taught her how to run a successful business.

According to Huddah, Nigerians are full of life, think positively and are the ‘smartest Africans who see beyond most shallow brains.’  

“There are many things I hate about how things are run in many places; by individuals and government. But there are equally things I love about them too which I think I should start highlighting more.

“Like Nigerians, they taught me most things I know in business and life because they are too smart, smartest of all Africans, aggressive, full of life, dangerous knowledge and think positively about life that is why I can s**t talk them when I’m mad at a few and still f*** with them because they see beyond most shallow brains I’ve met,” she wrote.

Daily mail

While the high flying socialite’s tango with West Africans is not new, the change of tune has struck a nerve with some of her followers.

A move reminiscent of a publication by British media house Daily Mail two years ago that the beauty was among Nigerian rich kids! The cheek of it!

Daily Mail’s feature of Huddah with her pink Range Rover alongside South African rapper AKA with TV girl Bonang Matheba did not amuse Kenyans who called out the outlet in droves.


In 2018, she expressed her displeasure with Nigerians claiming that they prop up their own artistes at the expense of other musical acts in the continent.

Having worked with Nollywood’s Mike Ezuruonye, her remarks that other African countries should stop playing Nigerian music came as a shock.

Huddah claimed that artists pay a lot of money to collaborate with Nigerians in a bid to break into Africa’s largest economy in terms of GDP but were not getting the same treatment that they deserve.

“Nigerians don’t even listen and support other African artists’ music unless it’s collaboration which artists from other countries pay so much for them to be in their songs. We the rest of Africa should just boycott. Be your brother’s keeper!” Posted Huddah.

Lisa Gaitho

That was not all.

Following vlogger Lisa Gaitho’s much-publicized breakup with a Nigerian man seven months ago, Huddah made her opinion known on what Kenyan women should expect when dating.

Huddah stated;

Mtajua kukaa na wanaume wa Kenya. Hii kazi ya kukimbilia watu wamecome kuhustle, looking for greener pastures in Kenya. They have no time to love you. Kazi ni kuwa****** na kuwatoanisha doo, na on top of that kuwaacha na watoi. Wake up,” she added.

Gaitho, famed for her advice to women that they should bathe their husbands, flew back to Kenya early in the year and declared she was going celibate.

“I was praying and fasting around October, September last year; you know when you hear something so clearly like you cannot even doubt it? That is what it was. It was telling me no, this is not the relationship that I have for you. It may look perfect, good and you may be seeing through those tinted glasses but this is what I have for you.

“I told God if you want this relationship to end you scatter it; you end it and I am not going to fight it. This was in September, literally from October I started having problems with family; the way things are being perceived and problems with my man. At the back of my mind, I knew what I needed to do,” shared Gaitho.

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