Africa | AS IT HAPPENED: Zuma offered blank cheque to Nxasana as settlement to vacate office of the NDPP, #StateCaptureInquiry hears

Nxasana says Zuma asked him if he had the “courage” to take up the position of NDPP, and Nxasana responded that he did. Nxasana says that Zuma told him, in Zulu, that it would be a difficult position to handle as it would be one “where spears will be directed at you”.

Nxasana says his “meeting” with Zuma lasted about 30 minutes. He received a call from Hulley afterwards, on August 30, 2013, asking him to forward his CV. Hulley apparently indicated that Zuma was under pressure to announce an appointment. Nxasana’s appointment was announced the following day. 

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