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Miracles Incorporated! By Ozodinukwe Okenwa

For the intellectual, miracle could be described as God’s great supernatural intervention in the natural affairs of men.

But for the layman, miracle could equally be described as wonderful, surprising healing and deliverance by Pastors or men of God through the name of Jesus the Christ.

For the uninitiated, Jesus is still performing miracles through His servants. But for those who see clearly and broadly refusing to be drawn into or hoodwinked by the miracle merchants most of what we see today that pass off as ‘miracles’ are nothing but spiritual fraud or 419.

Make no mistake about it folks. Unadulterated or undoctored miracles still occur here and there, far and near, in our generation because Jesus is still alive! But majority of these publicised miracles are doctored and adulterated, thus faked, to ascribe to the perpetrators an aura of spiritual power or sophistication they possess not.

Jesus Christ did a lot of miracles here on earth while living with our forebears in flesh and blood thousands of years ago. Such awe-inspiring miracles like raising Lazarus from the death three days after his demise, feeding the hungry multitude with just few loaves of bread and fishes and turning water into wine in a social gathering.

Even post-Jesus His disciples had continued to do miracles by invoking His powerful name. Before His departure He had instructed them to perform miracles greater than what He did with faith as their source of power.

We believe that Jesus still heals, delivers and saves even today through His direct and indirect interventions via angelic ‘soldiers’ scattered on earth.

While we belong to those who pray and worship the Almighty at home (refusing to be drawn to the disoriented crowd of the hoodwinked) we hold however that among the fake prophets and pastors turning worshipping God into a lucrative venture one could still find some serious-minded spiritually-strong men of God delivering on the commandments of the Most High and His begotten Son.

By their fruits we shall seek them out. Or as the Bible enjoined us: by their fruits we shall know them!

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